Patient Sixty-Seven – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 11th August @ King Lear’s Throne, Bris QLD

Patient Sixty-Seven
King Lear’s Throne, Brisbane QLD
August 11, 2022
Supports: Harroway, Bury Me and Hang ‘Em High

Every now and then you have to return to your roots and revisit those shows in smaller venues to appreciate the talent we have in Australia. We’ve been spoilt for choice with our fav, world-class bands headlining stages and festivals around our country (since the return from the pandemic), but the next generation are there too, slogging away hoping you’ll take notice of them and what they’re been working on. That’s what tonight was all about – the new breed that is just aching to take over.

Patient Sixty-Seven’s first headline tour (ever) finally made it to Brisbane and following six years of covering this band (from the very early stages of WoS), I finally got the chance to witness them in all their bleghing glory live for the first time… more on them soon.

Tonight’s festivities took place at King Lear’s Throne – an intimate venue located just under the zoo in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and the playground for tonight’s four acts to catch the attention of the punters who ventured into the Valley for a Thursday night headbang. Hang ‘Em High kicked off the night with plenty of chuggy riffs, bass fills and screams akin to that of Cancer Bats and early Atreyu. The gutturals were full and their party jamcore atmosphere even invoked a one-man moshpit as the band utilised every centimetre of that stage. For a bit of heavy fun, try and catch these lads at a local show near you.

Bury Me were next and after releasing their After The Suffering EP in June last year, I was keen to see how these songs sounded in a live setting. Their old school metalcore sound was easy to pick up and compare to the greats of the past with roaring guitars and crisp screams – both bellowing and higher pitched. The song ‘Ghosts‘ slowed down momentum with plenty of guitar hero moments for the band throughout – my only gripe was the sound quality from the set-up (resulting in jarring mic issues for all  the bands throughout the night) and Brendan Clark‘s clean singing sounding a bit off. Having heard their EP and digging singles from it like ‘After The Suffering‘ and ‘Wolves At Bay‘ – I was hoping for a bit of a sing-a-long but the sound didn’t allow for it. Never fear, practice makes perfect and if the band keep playing shows and honing in on their performances (and those clean vocals), they’ll be on the ball in no time.

Sydney core upcomers Harroway followed and if you haven’t seen frontman Matthew Banks on stage yet, you’re missing out on following the journey of one of the best new talents in the scene. Despite several mic issues, Banks powered through the set switching between cleans and screams with precision, in a way that reminded me of the first time I saw David De La Hoz (of Belle Haven/Wither fame). Captivating yet still uncovering his signature sound with an eclectic array of scream/sound delivery. Between Matt’s cleans and the roaring guitars – shout out to either Joshua ‘GEM’ Gemmell or Anthony Carnell who broke their hand playing laser tag the night before – this band soldiered on and pulled off some impressive A Day To Remember vibes. ‘Sleep‘ was the highlight for me and apparently there’s more new music on the way… Head along to In Peril Fest in Sydney this October if you wanna see what they’ve been working on!

As the room/hallway filled for the evening’s headliners, I couldn’t help but notice the vast array of fans Patient Sixty-Seven have accumulated over the years they’ve been active. From the oldies, the mid-age moshers, fresh faces and slow swayers, we were all there to finally catch a glimpse of a band that has been slogging away in Perth to make a name for themselves and their music. Fresh off the release of their debut album Wishful Thinking, frontman Tom Kiely, guitarists Declan Le Tessier and Rory Venville along with drummer Richard Alexander took to the stage with big smiles on their faces knowing history was about to be made for their metalcore outfit.

It only took a mere 11 seconds before the first ‘blegh’ of the night was set upon us with the band ripping into their new album’s opening track ‘Stay Paranoid II‘ and to say the band went a little too hard for this one would be an understatement with Richard breaking his snare before the song had come to an end. As Tom called for a replacement, he kept the crowd in the palm of his hands with his ‘stand-up’ routine that was a real-life continuation of the band’s online presence (if you know, you know) before jumping back into the swing of things with ‘Fault Line‘. As Tom screamed his heart out, Rory provided backup vocals and cleans that kept the momentum flowing (despite blowing out his voice at the band’s first show in Perth last weekend). Their cover of Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Antisocial‘ hit the spot before Tom’s jokes returned when he explained he asked Kellin to come on tour with the band, but he was busy on his own tour – that’s Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens I’m talking about, who features on the band’s track ‘Feel Alive‘ – in his place was Tom Byrne from the band Galleons – who poured his heart into the delivery – despite some shocking mic connection issues.

Damage Plan‘ and ‘Blackout‘ followed with the crowd starting to loosen up and jump about a bit more but for me, the standout of the entire set was finally hearing ‘Scattered‘ in all its glory live for the very first time. After writing about this single and hearing Tom’s story behind the music, I instantly connected with it and it’s been my go-to P67 song since release day! The “woah ohhhs” from the crowd prove the band has crafted the perfect sing-a-long song for their shows and I hope they move it around to become their new closer, because it’s well worth the wait to hear it and I can’t help but imagine sparks and confetti going off as the band grow in size, popularity and include new additions to their concerts in due time. ‘Gustavo Bling‘ closed off the night with plenty more ‘bleghs’ from both crowd and band.

As I was set to drag my old fat ass back to bed, I was certain the band were done, but when the ‘one more song’ chants kicked in, the boys proudly thanked everyone, told us they were aiming to return in February 2023 before jumped into the classic P67 hit ‘Before You Go‘. From the back of the room, you could see the guys making the most of their first time in Brisbane and I couldn’t help but watch with a big smile on my face knowing this is just the start of their journey.

Over time, every band on this lineup will play more shows, fine-tune their sound, and performances, and continue to motivate each other to go hard or go home. These are the early years where all of that slogging will pay off in time, but well done to each and every one of them for giving it a crack. No matter how big small the stage, or the crowd in attendance (FYI this show sold out in the end), so long as they keep pushing, they’ll only flourish.

Gig Review by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul


Stay Paranoid II
Fault Line
Feel Alive
Damage Plan
Gustavo Bling
Before You Go

Photo Gallery by Gabi Rankine. Insta: @gabirankinecreative
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Hang ‘Em High

Bury Me


Patient Sixty-Seven

Patient Sixty-Seven – Wishful Thinking Tour
with Harroway and Bury Me







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