PREMIERE: Patient Sixty-Seven Ignite A Darker Path on ‘Damage Plan’

Upcoming Perth metalcore outfit Patient Sixty-Seven have achieved some grand feats for a small band out of WA, from signing to an American independent label, to collaborating with Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn. All before they’ve even done a headliner around the country. These guys are definitely doing something right.

After much deliberation, EP deluxe editions and punk goes pop covers, the band are ready to forge a new path in their music career. ‘Damage Plan’ is Patient Sixty-Seven’s brand new single, and it sees them heading down a heavier trajectory than what we’ve heard before. Picking up where the band left off with 2020’s Home Truths EP, the song alludes us to their melodic hardcore style we’ve become so familiar with over time. This time though, vocalist Tom Kiely is honing in on more aggressive elements, sending the song down an intriguing blend of high-energy metalcore.

‘Damage Plan’ just hits different to what the band have released previously. So we decided to go to straight to the band and caught up with Tom to find out more about the new single, how they’ve been holding up during this crazy time in the world and tried to get in on some of their social media secrets. If you haven’t caught on to Patient Sixty-Seven yet, jump on now before it’s too late…

Hey Tom! It’s been awhile since we heard any new material from Patient Sixty-Seven, so ‘Damage Plan’ is a long time coming. What’s the new song about?

So pretty much, this song is sort a little different for us. I’m sort of reading more externally because the song isn’t necessarily directly about me more so than it is about a universal feeling or  situation that anyone can find themselves in. In a nutshell, the song’s about fighting back against the things in your life that are holding you back. That could be different for everyone. I mean the song is kind of more literal in the sense that it talks a lot from the point of view of a domestic violence situation, but it could be anything from an addiction to something or a mental illness that’s holding you at its mercy.

‘Damage Plan’ is about fighting back and having an honest conversation with yourself and whatever that thing might be, and just saying that you’re pretty much done with that and you want to move on.

Compared to what you’ve released previously, I feel like it’s your biggest, heaviest song yet. What were you inspired by when producing the song?

It’s a great question. This song in particular was one of the first ones that we wrote. We wanted to do something that had a little bit more of an edge to it. We still wanted a little bit of that melodic side that we’ve always done and try include that wherever we can. But we listen to a lot of heavier Australian bands, like Polaris and Mirrors, that really just have a real attitude in their music.

We also just wanted to remind ourselves and anyone who listens to our band that we can bring that intensity too. So that was pretty much the goal of the song. Even through the writing process, the song changed a few times where there weren’t as many heavy parts or not as many sort of fast, aggressive points to the song. We just wanted to bring out more of those punchy in-your-face moments. That’s kind of what we were going for with it, and that’s how it ended up. I’m really happy with how it ended up.

You signed with a U.S. label for one release and now you’re completely independent. What’s the band’s plan of attack now, following ‘Damage Plan’? Will you be looking to release the next EP or album independently? Or are you looking to wait until a label approaches you?

The truth is that right now, I don’t really know the answer to that. I mean, I’m kind of happy to keep the train moving as an independent act, just because we had our experience with InVogue, and we had a good opportunity with them that worked really well for the one release. We tried to take full advantage of that and I guess, it’s a really hard thing because if the right label came around, we would definitely be open to it. At this stage though, we’re independent and we’re really happy because it gives us full autonomy over what we’re doing and allows our band to fully be ourselves. It allows us to just be really creative and not be held accountable to anyone else than ourselves. I think that’s really comfortable. I’m happy to stay independent for now.

You guys are self managed as well, so I guess you don’t really have to listen to anyone but yourselves.

Yeah, exactly. I guess the other thing is, is that right now as it stands, there’s still not touring involved. For me personally, I take great pride in how I manage the band, how the guys all play their roles in the band and I just don’t really see a need at this point in time. But we’re always open to work with different people. Labels are such an interesting discussion, because we’ve had multiple discussions with different labels and we’re still looking for the right fit, you know? So that’s just where it kind of sits at the moment.

Would you be looking more for an Australian label or maybe like an international label?

I think it depends on what they bring to the table. For artists like us, we feel our band is at a point where we want to really partner with a label that can give us their expertise and help us grow to the next level. But in terms of location, I don’t really worry about that because the way music has transcended over the last 18 months, I think it’s become even more apparent that location isn’t as relevant as people would like to believe at this point in time. With the way people are consuming music now, we’re just really happy to work with the best fit for our band. Obviously an Australian label would be incredible.

We are interested in labels that allow upcoming artists to really find their place in terms of helping artists grow. But if we kept going independently that would be amazing too, because it has real advantages. We’re definitely open to everything.

Well, you’re doing something right because you are one of the most active bands on social media which is great to see, because I feel like building your community is one of the best things an upcoming band can do. Do you have any advice for other upcoming bands looking to build their social media following?

We just kind of let our walls down a little bit, to be honest. We’re not really trying to be something we’re not. We just like to have a bit of fun with it. We like to interact with people and we want to talk to the fans because we’re also fans of not just our music, but other bands as well. A lot of us have been listening to heavier music for a long time now.

We love talking about who our favourite bands are, what people are listening to and really just finding out more about our fans and what they’re into. That’s what has kind of helped us, is reaching out to people and wanting to genuinely find out more about them and who they are as people and treating people, not like a number on a Facebook page or like a listener, but actually talking to them like their a human being. I think that’s been the best thing for us and getting to know people.

Yeah, I agree with you 100%. So what’s one thing do you think a band should prioritise when creating their online community?

I think what I would say is just regularly checking in with people. You can let people into your world as a band and give the fans more opportunities to find out about you guys, because it’s not a given to think people care about your music or your brand or your image. You have to work for it. So that means that you have to be the one to start the conversation with people and see what they have to say.

That is some really solid advice and I hope fellow Australian bands are taking notes while reading this!  Anyway, how’s that COVID situation like in WA at the moment with live shows? While you lot didn’t really get a full lockdown effect like many states on the east coast, but I hear you guys just played your first show back recently? 

Yeah! It was our first show since the pandemic began last Friday, and the first show since we had our EP launch for Home Truths last year. It was so good being back on stage. We were all so ready to get back at it, especially after our last few shows having been cancelled or postponed. We put it all out there, and we were so thankful people came out and went hard with us. I probably put a lot of weight on wanting it to go well, because 18 months is a long time without shows. But as soon as we started, everything just melted away. I’m so happy with the turn out, considering the last time we went to play a show lockdown cancelled it for us!

Oh, that’s so good to hear! I also want to ask, how’s that friendship going with Kellin Quinn? Has he heard the new track or are there any more collaborations coming up?

I have sent him some of the new songs. He’s really excited about them and there may or may not be another collab in the future. So we will just have to wait and see. But yeah, he’s definitely excited about what we have in store.

Kellin’s such a great guy for supporting upcoming talent, not just in the US, but everywhere else as well.

Oh my God! 100%. The time he gives back to the scene as a whole, we need more of that in the community.

So following ‘Damage Plan’, what’s next in the pipeline for you guys?

We definitely want to play some more shows around here. COVID pending, we’ve also filmed a fully produced live set that we’re looking to release soon. We went to a local rehearsal studio, recorded the whole thing, everything mic’d up and played a full set of some of the Home Truths songs because we never got to play those songs. We will hopefully have that rolled out to everyone soon to enjoy our live show wherever they are in the world. It’s great for anyone who wants to come and watch us play live. Following that, we have another video shoot coming up later, as being the case with our band, you won’t have to wait too long before you hear something new after ‘Damage Plan’.

Oooh! Keep the momentum rolling for the fans, I see! Anyway thanks so much for chatting about everything set in the pipeline for Patient Sixty-Seven. It’s certainly an exciting time for you lot, stay safe!

Interview by Tamara May @citylightstam

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