EXCLUSIVE: Patient Sixty-Seven’s Tom Kiely Dissects Heavy-Hitting New Song ‘Scattered’

They say watching your kids grow up is one of the most pleasurably emotional times as a parent… The same can be said about watching your fav new/local bands grow and develop over the years to become the globally recognised superstars they were born to be – this is an in-depth look at one of those bands!

When we first heard of Patient Sixty-Seven, it was October 15th, 2016, when they played one of their first shows supporting Buried In Verona in their hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Reviewer Ricky Aarons stated the boys had: “an excitable set of filthy breakdowns and fresh riffs that entertained the early coming punters of the evening…” Who knew the band would still be fine-tuning their craft for an international audience today and almost six years later, drop one of their heaviest and most hard-hitting track to date? We did.

Reflecting on the band back then, frontman Tom Kiely states:

“I think about 2016 like it was a lifetime ago, and in a lot of ways it was… Our band really has put the work in to keep getting better, to keep finding enjoyment in writing and recording – over time we’ve tried to keep challenging ourselves within that same process.”

And the latest stop on their passionate journey through the metalcore scene has landed with new single ‘Scattered‘ being unleashed upon the world today personally via the band to their plethora of dedicated fans and supporters. The track was written by vocalist/guitarist Rory Venville with Kiely adding an energy and mood to the song alongside second guitarist Declan Le Tessier and the quality is absolutely standout material that’s going to raise eyebrows and turn heads in the West Australian band’s direction immediately.

Much like Architects‘ sensational tune ‘Gone with the Wind‘ or The Amity Affliction‘s ‘Open Letter‘, Patient Sixty-Seven have officially uncloaked their own climactic anthem by debuting this masterpiece – which not only left me in a state of awe, but complete understanding and acceptance of my own personal struggles and demons.

We sat down with Tom to discuss his own personal journey throughout his years in Patient Sixty-Seven, to sift through their new single with a fine-tooth comb and highlight the importance of being vulnerable and sharing one’s own struggles in this metalcore community…

Welcome back to Wall of Sound, Tom! 2022 is off to a rocky start and you’re here to lay the smackdown on expectations surrounding your band with ‘Scattered’. It’s massive and sounds like you’ve spent hours upon hours making sure it was the best release possible – which I think you’ve succeeded in. Tell us your story with ‘Scattered’ and what it means to you.

Thanks so much Browny. I appreciate you having me – always love talking to Wall of Sound and as you know I’m a huge fan of what you guys do!

Scattered is a song that talks about emptiness. It was a tricky song to write, for a few reasons. Firstly because we knew in the early stages of it coming together – it was going to be an important song both sonically and lyrically. Sonically – because it is a little bit of a progression from what we’ve done before, we wanted to lock in and test ourselves. Create a different ambience with the instrumental, really push myself to be as raw as possible vocally – and bring it together in a way that is as cohesive as we’ve sounded hopefully to date.

Lyrically – well, the story to me is about that feeling of despair. I wanted to talk about the feeling where nothing seems ‘right’. Something feels off. Anxiety is present, and you feel powerless to overcome it…specifically for me I found during the end of 2020 and early 2021 I was turning back to some bad habits – drinking excessively, self-destructing. This song was my way of venting that exhaustion, the frustration – of constantly blaming yourself. I was tired, worn down – as I guess so many of us have been, and in one of my hungover states, I decided to really just go toe to toe with that feeling. The discontent came out, the loneliness and sadness boiled over – and ‘Scattered’ was me just being real about that and those questions. Why can’t I get myself right? What’s WRONG with me? Why am I drinking and drinking and making it worse? What the fuck. I just felt so…all over the place and regretful.

That’s what the song talks about, and I’m glad we were able to I guess – bottle that fractured state of mind because I think we’ve all been there at one point or another where things just seem so damn pointless. And we point the finger at ourselves.

As you mentioned, the song focuses on the subject of pain/hurt and the feelings associated with that personal battle and overcoming. It’s deeply emotive and relatable through and through. As someone who pushes through these issues daily, what do you personally find is a cathartic release from the stresses of life – outside of screaming your lungs out on a song/stage?

You know, I think the first line in the song – ‘I’m so out of touch with myself, I feel too weak to ask for help’ – is kind of telling. When I’ve been stuck in a real arm wrestle with my anxiety and even addictive, bad habits – I’ve just made a real effort to be honest with myself.

The reason we filmed the scenes in the bathroom – it wasn’t just for show. That was supposed to kind of capture the process of just getting real – staring your feelings (especially the uncomfortable ones) in the face and admitting that maybe you’re not doing so well. You need to take action. You’re hurting. I don’t know what the fucking answers are… I just know things don’t feel right. That’s what I find incredibly hard to do whenever I’m in a downward spiral, have those internal conversations – but [I find it] so helpful as things start turning or attempt to turn.

Once I’ve done that – I like to lean into the things that make me feel good and bring value to my life.

Music is a big one, but it comes with it’s own stresses – so you evaluate that relationship you have with the work, and find ways to manage it in a healthy way. And then it’s reaching out for help, friends, family and professionals. It’s about being transparent and doing things that bring value and health to your life – that’s when I find I can find a positive outlook and peace within myself, which is so important. That’s just me of course…and everyone is different.

As an artist (and metalcore fan), why do you think it’s important to share your experiences and battles with not only your fanbase, but the entire metalcore community?

I just think as a whole, music has such a vital role to play. We know the last 2 years are what they are…we know people are struggling. Let’s be open and have the conversation. I think so many people in music are doing it tough.

I can find hope in that, I can find belief and a spark for my own passion in that – and that’s why I will keep doing this and just keep being me. We’ve always taken pride in letting our personality shine through in the way our band handles ourselves – and a lot of the time that’s having a laugh on social media, smiling with people and being goofy – but when it comes to the music that same transparency is going to shine through too. I think people value that honesty. I know it’s important to people.

I’m not here to put on a brave face on behalf of the scene and pretend things are great, but what I am going to do is be as positive as possible through the process. Because if sharing my experiences and our band’s music helps anyone, if they’re listening at all – it makes it all worth it.

Sonically, in my opinion, ‘Scattered’ surpasses anything you’ve done in the past and proves why Patient Sixty-Seven are a force to be reckoned with. After all these years we’ve watched you grow from aspiring upcomers, to one of the best new talents within Australia’s scene. Do you feel the band is where you should be right now in your career, or have you still got a long way to go to reach that next level?

That’s so nice of you to say Paul…honestly. I think it’s nice sometimes to reflect on where you’ve come from and I’ve always said that we’ve learnt everything we know in this band, which still doesn’t feel like a lot sometimes. But I also know that P67 for me is a reminder that if you love something, if you have the passion and drive to make something stick – stay consistent, stay persistent and you can find growth. I’m so proud of that – Patient has just been such a ride and the journey so far has taught me so much. And taught me not to give up.

I don’t think I’m satisfied, no. I know I’m not, actually. I think there’s so much more I want to do…I’m not even close to being content and there’s not a day that goes by where I want to try and reach new heights. I love that we have achieved some really cool things as a group, and the boys (Rory + Declan) are like family – but we are all just ready to keep moving.

It’s funny to even say that music has been a ‘career’ for us in any sense – this has been a labour of love since day one. The energy, sacrifices, time and money that go with doing this – it’s just something burning in my heart that makes it all worthwhile. And I definitely won’t stop until I’ve given absolutely everything I have. We have a long way to go, because the second I become satisfied with where we’re at is the second I’ll stop working at it.

Patient Sixty-Seven 2022

Who are the bands and/or musicians that have inspired you personally along the way and what is it about them that just hits home?

For this particular song, and some of the newer stuff – we as a band always have a collective input and range of influences – but for me in particular it was a lot of Architects, Polaris, Rain City Drive (Slaves) for the more melodic side of things and Ice Nine Kills for some of the big orchestral stuff. The vocals on the new Architects album inspired me to try some new things, really wanting to diversify myself as a vocalist and prove I can do different things.

It’s a big melting pot really, and I love looking for music that just lights that spark of intention or sets off a feeling, that’s where it starts and that’s why I love music so much.

And, on a lighter note, you absolutely won me over with your own tasty guttural ‘BLEGH’ on this track. Was that a personal easter egg for your fans/metalcore scene? hahaha

Hahah, we’ve definitely beaten that joke into the ground. It wasn’t intentional but sure enough people will love hearing it! We probably won’t ever overdo it because less is more with that stuff – but it’s always fun to throw it in when it feels right!

It fits snug within ‘Scattered’ and will now live on in the hall of fame as a BLEGH-tastic addition to the collection.

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

If you or anyone you know needs help with their own mental well-being call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, Lifeline on 13 11 14, or find your closest Suicide Prevention/Crisis Support Organisation on Google…

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