Patient Sixty-Seven – Wishful Thinking (Album Review)

Patient Sixty-Seven – Wishful Thinking
Released: July 22, 2022


Tom Kiely // vocals
Declan Le Tessier // guitars
Rory Venville // guitars



Perth metalcore outfit Patient Sixty-Seven have been building up momentum for their debut full-length for the better part of the last two years, and holy heck. I cannot believe that day is finally here. Residing in the isolated state of Western Australia, this band are becoming accustomed to doing things on their own, so it makes sense that they wanted to deliver their first album without any assistance of a label. Massive props to them. If you’re a regular follower of the band on socials, particularly lead vocalist Tom Kiely, you’ll see why they’re a potential name in the making, not just here but stateside too. Let’s get into it…

The first half of the record doesn’t waste much time in getting to Patient Sixty-Seven’s ethos. Between opening track ‘Stay Paranoid II‘ and ‘Scattered‘, Kiely’s cleans and harsher elements blend together effortlessly. I don’t want to say they’ve gone straight to the metalcore formula, but the band are sticking to what works best for the masses. ‘Fatebringer‘ though, alongside the heavy vocals of CurrentsBrian Willes, does see the band push their musical boundaries just slightly.

In saying that though, Wishful Thinking gave me some throwbacks to another staple record in Australian metalcore. ‘Try Hard‘, through its punchy melodies and distorted vocals, felt like it could sit next to The Amity Affliction’s Let the Ocean Take Me era. It cements the notion that if any Australian act can tackle the US market head on as well as Amity, Patient Sixty-Seven are well and truly on the ball here. Especially with their close ties with Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn. ‘Feel Alive‘ is a celebration of this longstanding relationship, which sees the lads simmer down for a post-hardcore emotional belter, complete with a soaring, anthemic chorus.

Leading single ‘Wayfarer‘ is the absolute standout track on this album, and an excellent example of the unsurmountable talent that Patient Sixty-Seven are made of. While ‘Who You Chose To Be‘ adds some North American influence here, the electronic instrumentals behind Kiely’s rough vocals gives this track an interlude feel, with the addition of VRSTY’s Joey Varela throwing us back to that last Issues record. OR some early Palisades.

Damage Plan‘ will hype up fans to produce the band’s biggest circle pit at their forthcoming Australian tour, especially during that huge second verse. Kiely’s heavy-tinged vocals crush it against Declan Le Tessier and Rory Venville’s articulate guitar work, providing yet an effortless blend of Aussie metalcore which continues onto ‘Fault Line‘. Soaring melodies collide with hard-hitting head bang moments that’ll have fans swooning before the band head for the comedown with closing track ‘Colour‘. A similar style to ‘Who You Chose To Be‘, it acts as an outro and allows us to get into Patient Sixty-Seven’s vulnerability and raw emotion.

Wishful Thinking is a well-rounded debut for an Australian metalcore act who are quickly on the rise. While it does see Patient Sixty-Seven stick closer to the metalcore formula, there are short bursts of experimentation into darker, heavier pastures. Overall though, this is a solid debut that’ll not only hold close to their ever-expanding fanbase but attract new audiences too.

Patient Sixty-Seven – Wishful Thinking tracklisting:

1. Stay Paranoid II
2. Scattered
3. Fatebringer (featuring Brian Wille)
4. Try Hard
5. Feel Alive (with Kellin Quinn)
6. Wayfarer
7. Who You Chose To Be (featuring Joey Varela)
8. Damage Plan
9. Fault Line
10. Colours (with Loveless)

Rating: 8/10
Wishful Thinking is out Friday. Pre-order/pre-save here
Review by Tamara May @citylightstam

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