PREMIERE: Bury Me Persevere Through Pain with New Heavy Hitter ‘After The Suffering’

Bury Me

Australia’s heavy scene is growing rapidly and I don’t know if that’s because bands have had the chance to sit down and work on material at a faster rate due to last year’s lockdowns but Sydney boys Bury Me have stepped the fuck up with their latest material and today we are stoked to be bringing you their latest releaseAfter The Suffering‘ which shares the same name as their forthcoming EP (out Friday, June 18th).

The band, consisting of vocalist Brendan Clark, lead guitarist Daniel O’Brien, rhythm guitarist Ian O’Brien, bassist Tim Rutledge and drummer Ben Moras used their downtime to extensively work on new music they were proud to unleash upon the world, including several edits to make sure it was right and the end result? Well, they’ve certainly caught the eye of this writer and I have to say, the lads remind me of early incarnations of Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage and The Ghost Inside.

Their heaviness has also caught the eye of some of Australia’s more notable upcomers who have invited Bury Me to share the stage across NSW following their return to the gigs post-covid. We grabbed frontman Brendan Clark and guitarist Ian O’Brien for a chat all about the new single, their rather impressive rise from the shadows and what’s ahead for the busy five-piece…

Bury Me! Bout time we had some new material from you lads. Give us a rundown, what’s the inspo behind this one?

(Brendan) After The Suffering is about as personal as our songs get. Written mainly through anger during my school days where I was bullied quite heavily for no reason and it wasn’t until now that I realised their actions weren’t because of me, but rather a reflection of their own issues. The only way they could make themselves feel better was by ripping into me and my peers. Looking back, I can’t even be mad at them, if anything I feel sorry for them.

After The Suffering refers to what happens after you experience the hurt, you grow from it. You learn from it, and with that, you change for the better because of those experiences.

Persevering after suffering, love that mentality. You announced your EP of the same name not too long ago, how long have you been working on these tracks?

(Brendan) We’ve been working on these songs since mid-2018. It was a long process to make sure we were happy with the results of each track. Initially, we just weren’t satisfied with the first mixes, so we headed back into the studio to create the best music we could and finally finished with the 5 tracks on the EP you’ll soon know as ‘After The Suffering’

So far we’ve seen a couple of songs from the forthcoming EP (‘Colourblind‘ being the last release), both of which are heavy, but different in terms of themes and overall feel. Can we expect a mixed bag of tunes or do they all fit amongst that metal/core sound?

(Brendan) Each song on the EP has different aspects of metal, sometimes even taking in influences from hardcore and deathcore. We always try to incorporate our favourite combination of melody and heaviness, but you can expect 5 very different tracks.

It’s been a busy year for you guys, coming from nowhere and scoring gigs left right and centre, what’s the major motivation for Bury Me at the moment?

(Brendan) Our motivation is just to release this music that we’re so proud of. As mentioned earlier, it’s been 3 years since we started working on these tracks so getting them out to everybody has been our main goal. Also, playing shows and meeting as many new people along the way as possible.

What would you say has been the hardest thing about putting out music and playing shows post covid?

(Ian) With covid things were quiet from us for a very long time, we had no shows for close to 8 months and in that time we were recording our EP, one day every couple of weeks, from the end of March to late October and only got it back in January this year. Getting back into the swing of things has been an obstacle but we’re motivated more than ever to get back out there and hit everything as hard as possible.

With the EP on the way and a few shows lined up, what else can we expect from Bury Me over the next few months?

(Ian) With our EP ‘After The Suffering’ out June 18th and a tour booked of 9 dates over the month of July so you can all expect a lot more of us playing shows and putting our EP to work.

Any final thoughts?

(Ian) Can’t wait to see you all at a show and hope you enjoy our latest single!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Bury Me – After The Suffering EP tracklisting

1. Wolves at Bay
2. Another Lesson Learned
3. Ghosts
4. Colourblind
5. After The Suffering

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