Sydney’s Getting An All Ages Festival with a Stack of the BEST Upcomers!

A new dawn is emerging in Sydney and in October, the AA crowd will be able to dive into their own alt festival to get a taste of what’s to come when they’re older with In Peril Festival announcing its lineup for 2022!

Featuring a stack of the best upcoming talent the country has to offer – the event will be headlined by Greyscale Records roster acts Bloom and Belle Haven with the likes of Alt, Harroway, Wolf & Chain, The Last Martyr, ATLVS, Bury Me, Ghost Complex, Revoid, Catalyst and Weightless playing throughout the day at Sydney’s Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville.

Chatting with organiser Matt Banks, he revealed the idea has not only been a long time coming, but something he’s wanted to do to give back to the local scene in Sydney following the decline of All Ages shows and medium-sized festivals in the city:

“I remember making the trek from Campbelltown to North Sydney for Shorefest, the countless shows at Minto PCYC, Bridge 54, Blacktown Masonic and more I’ve forgotten about over the years. Unfortunately, each for their own reasons came to an end and there was never really a replacement for their departure. In Peril Fest is something to help fill that void. It’s a way for me to give back to the scene that gave so much to me when I was growing up. If this goes as well as I think it will, I’ll definitely be running more like it.”

In Peril Fest is an opportunity to see bands that are worthy of festival lineups, but aren’t getting those opportunities due to lack of exposure. Pairing them with heavyweights like Bloom, Belle Haven, Alt, I hope, will help get them noticed by the right people.

In Peril also shares its name with the clothing label Banks has started, which in turn he hopes will additionally help support the scene and give back to those who are still breathing life into it:

“The idea behind In Peril’s Apparel is clothing for the alternative community, that with the support from the scene, can result in funding more shows like In Peril Fest – to help give back to our alternative community. We want to make cool clothing and put on shows, festivals and tours across Australia… If we don’t keep the next generation growing the scene will die out, it’s sad but I fear that’s what will happen if we don’t start to bring AA shows back. It’s really that simple.”

Want to do your part, help support the locals and introduce the next generation to some sweet bands they can grow with? You know what to do!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

First Release tickets are on sale here

In Peril All Ages Festival
feat. Bloom, Belle Haven.
Alt, Harroway, Wolf & Chain, The Last Martyr, ATLVS, Bury Me, Ghost Complex, Revoid, Catalyst and Weightless

October 5th @ The Red Rattler, Sydney

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