Patient Sixty-Seven Reveal ‘Feel Alive’ Featuring Kellin Quinn

Sleeping with Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn is a wanted man in the heavy music world, having lent his voice on many upcoming artists’ tracks. He’s honestly almost as hard to keep up with as Travis Barker these days.

Perth’s Patient Sixty-Seven and Kellin Quinn have a longstanding partnership that dates back to the boys’ 2021 release, Home Truths. He helped vocalist Tom Kiely really find his voice and deliver emotive soundtracks like ‘Where To From Here’, and now the legend is back for another collaborative effort. ‘Feel Alive’ is the second collab to drop from Patient Sixty-Seven’s full-length LP, Wishful Thinking.

Luring us in with soft melodies, ‘Feel Alive’ is a carefully crafted blend of post-hardcore synergy that manages to light a fire in your heart through its heavy emotive lyricism. Before you think this is just another one-off guest feature, nope. Kellin’s iconic vocals are almost as prominent as Tom’s, which makes for quite the stark contrast overall.

It’s a different side of the band from what we’ve heard thus far this year, but an absolute testament to Patient Sixty-Seven’s potential and longevity in the changing metal landscape in Australia.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Patient Sixty-Seven will release their highly anticipated debut album, Wishful Thinking on July 22. Pre-Order here

Listen to ‘Feel Alive (featuring Kellin Quinn)’ here

Patient Sixty-Seven – Wishful Thinking tracklisting:

1. Stay Paranoid II
2. Scattered
3. Fatebringer (featuring Brian Wille)
4. Try Hard
5. Feel Alive (with Kellin Quinn)
6. Wayfarer
7. Who You Chose To Be (featuring Joey Varela)
8. Damage Plan
9. Fault Line
10. Colours (with Loveless)

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