Bad Wolves Sport Nu-Metal Title-Track ‘Die About It’ Ahead of Fourth Album

Bad Wolves Die About It

If you’ve been repeating Bad Wolves‘ latest tunes, you’re going to get a big surprise with their latest one. The rock/metal fusionists have been belting out fresh material lately, including ‘Legends Never Die‘ from last month when they announced their fourth record Die About It, set for release on November 3 via Better Noise Music.

In addition, Bad Wolves will also include their awesome single ‘Bad Friend‘. 13-track record comes after 2021’s Dear Monsters with the debut of vocalist (and ex-Acacia Strain guitarist) Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz

Still playing catch-up on these guys? Always worth checking out their 2022 EP Sacred Kiss (redux to the Dear Monsters single) plus their Ozzy Osbourne cover of ‘Mama I’m Coming Home‘.

Onto the next one they say, right? As indicated earlier, the title-track definitely hits different to what we’ve heard so far. ‘Die About It‘ kicks in with a couple hyper-mixed clean-bars from DL, before he switches into a full-blown rap verse against an ominous bassline. Guitarist Doc Coyle and the rest of the band kicks in as DL briefly switches into deep gutturals as Bad Wolves sound like a far heavier band than we’ve ever known. With a signature verse rounding out experimentation, the nu-metal dimensions return. With modern hip-hop elements turning into a tasty breakdown, these guys are promising you won’t know what’s next. 

On ‘Die About It‘, DL comments:

Die about it is us using our music as an outlet to say fuck you to anyone that doubts us, hates us, talks shit about us, or makes lies up about us. We’ve put up with a lot of ridiculous bullshit from haters and people that want to stop us from making art we love. If you have to question whether this song is about you, it probably is. We’ve all been musicians for a really long time, we’ve grown as artists and we know what we want more now. We want fans and people to ride with us that have an open mind and are open to growth and change, as we are. For those that want to stand in the way of that, you can die about it.”

Spin the new single at midnight local time.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Bad Wolves Die About It

Bad Wolves – Die About It tracklisting

1. Bad Friend
2. Die About It
3. Savior
4. Hungry For Life
5. Legends Never Die
6. NDA
7. Move On
8. Masquerade
9. Say It Again
10. It’s You (2 Months) feat. KILLBOY
11. Turn It Down
12. Set You On Fire

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