Architects Prepare for Release Day with ‘a new moral low ground’

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We are just about a week away until Architects finally drop their tenth record the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. On October 21 we’ll all get to hear the eleven tracks in their entirety via Epitaph Records. Of course, three of those eleven will include monster singles ‘when we were young‘, ‘tear gas‘ and ‘deep fake‘.

What’s that? You’re ready for a fourth single? That’s a bit greedy, but fair enough we’ll give it to you; well technically Architects will. Overnight, the Brighton boys shared new track and video for ‘a new moral low ground‘. Single #4 is a straight-up groover, and the songwriting is simply exceptional. Inclusive of symphonic riffs and the modern Architects recipe, it doesn’t take much confident to bet you’ll be impressed.

Look out for the cheeky interview Boss-Man Paul ‘Browny’ Brown had with Sam Carter, coming very soon…

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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architects album the classic symptoms of a broken spirit

Architects – The Classic Symptoms of A Broken Spirit tracklisting

1. deep fake
2. tear gas
3. spit the bone
4. burn down my house –
5. living is killing us
6. when we were young
7. doomscrolling
8. born again pessimist
9. a new moral low ground
10. all the love in the world
11. be very afraid

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