WTF!!!!! Architects Dropped A Thumping New Song Called ‘When We Were Young’


I did not see this coming, not in a million years! Remember how Architects released their last album For Those That Wish To Exist back in February of last year? Well, we for sure thought they’d be touring the hell out of that record for a couple of years before debuting new material… but guess what, they’re back with a new song!

When We Were Young‘ appeared out of nowhere and kicks off with an addictively heavy riff that leads into a complimentary Dan Searle drumbeat that just thumps you in the face through your speakers. Frontman Sam Carter brings that devilish scream back out to remind us why he’s still one of the best in the heavy music scene, while his cleans in the chorus are on point as per usual. I can foresee this becoming a new sing-a-long anthem at any of their future shows. It’s also two-step worthy as well so grease up those ankles old mates!

“when we were young is a song that recognises what is gained and what is lost as we get older” says Dan Searle. “as the world unfolds around us we can become overwhelmed by its endless complexity. when I was 20 I thought I had the whole thing sussed, today I’m pretty sure I’ll never understand reality. We lose our innocence as we age, and although fatalism and cynicism can creep in, we also begin to shift our focus toward gratitude for existence and for those that we love.”

The slight breakdown mid-way through reminds me of Beartooth‘s bassy drop ‘The Past is Dead‘ and if this is an indication of a potential hard rock direction Architects could take, then I am all for it. It’s not dramatic or in your face like your typical breakdown, but it certainly grows on you with every spin you give the song. If you prefer the band’s heavier/aggressive side, then this will certainly fill your cup… with excitement!

We’re waiting with bated breath for Architects to come back to Australia, but in the meantime, Sam Carter and his fiancé Abby Kirk released a wholesome children’s book about pet adoption last Friday – Give that a look as you listen to this new belter and get keen for what else the lads have been cooking behind the scenes!

Stream ‘When We Were Younghere

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