Architects Showcases Josh Middleton on ‘deep fake’

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Brighton metalcore royalty Architects are preparing for another massive LP. Their forthcoming record the classic symptoms of a broken spirit is out October 21 via Epitaph Records. Their tenth studio album will include both singles ‘when we were young‘ and ‘tear gas‘.

Today a third single has been unearthed from the Brits called ‘deep fake‘ and is their 2022 record opener too. Sam Carter is joined by guitarist Josh Middleton who hones in even further on vocal duties than what we’ve heard before. Middleton steps up to the microphone and makes his presence even more known. The track is packed with melodic grooves and includes a crunchy and bassy breakdown that really hits the spot.

On the new song, the band says:

 “This one feels more live, more exciting and more fun – it has that energy. We wanted it to be a lot more industrial and electronic.”

The 2022 singles have so far reinforced the notion that Architects are stadium-ready and are building a collateral for the setlist to deliver on that.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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architects album the classic symptoms of a broken spirit

Architects – The Classic Symptoms of A Broken Spirit tracklisting

1. deep fake
2. tear gas
3. spit the bone
4. burn down my house –
5. living is killing us
6. when we were young
7. doomscrolling
8. born again pessimist
9. a new moral low ground
10. all the love in the world
11. be very afraid

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