Fit For A King Deliver Variation on with ‘Falling Through The Sky’

Fit For A King 2022

Fit For A King are finally dropping their new album The Hell We Create next month. The band’s seventh studio album will be out October 28 via Solid State Records and includes some of the monster singles we’ve heard so far like Eyes Roll Backat the Metalcore Snitches tour as well as ‘Reaper‘ and also ‘End (The Other Side)‘.

Today the band have now dropped another track for us to hear called ‘Falling Through The Sky’. With some slower and kinder Dark Skies melodies compared to the prior singles, the new track has vocalist Ryan Kirby shine on his clean vocals adding some welcome variation to the forthcoming record. Don’t stress though, a delectable little breakdown certainly ensues at the right time.

Back when Fit For A King toured downunder, we grabbed Kirby to chat all about the new record and you’ll get to find out more as part of a very special project called Wall of Sound TV… coming soon.

On the single, Kirby comments:

Falling Through the Sky represents the mental struggles I had dealt with during the pandemic, and how little my upbringing prepared me to deal with it. Between adopting two children, my wife having constant health issues, and me losing almost 70 percent of my income, I was an absolute wreck.”

“I want to raise self-awareness. It’s not just important to fight for ourselves, but we’re fighting for others. You can reach out for help even if you’re scared. I know I was. I hope we can all reflect on not only what we put ourselves through, but what we put others through.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Falling Through The Sky‘ here

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fit for a king the hell we create

Fit For A King – The Hell We Create tracklisting

1. The Hell We Create
2. End
3. Falling Through The Sky
4. Sink Below
5. Reaper
6. Times Like This ft. Jonathan Vigil
7. Eyes Roll Back
8. Fracture
9. Reaching Out
10. What You Left Behind

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