Currents Make Welcome Return with ‘The Death We Seek’

Currents 2022

Metalcore maestros Currents are back, baby! It’s been a hot minute since their cataclysmic record The Way It Ends from the depths of 2020’s COVID early lockdowns. The record was received so well by Aussie fans that they’re finally making their way down here for Alpha Wolf‘s CVLTfest happening in Melbourne as well as their direct support to Silent Planet across the country at other shows.

Whilst Australian fans are dying to hear 2020 singles live like ‘Monsters‘ and ‘A Flag To Wave‘, Currents are onto bigger and better things. Today they embark on a new journey with brand new release ‘The Death We Seek‘. The new single continues down the elite track where The Way It Ends left off. With vocal elements reminiscent of Bury TomorrowCurrents intersect their crystalised signature sound with an experimental heaviness, particularly as the song progresses. The closing breakdown will give you a bliss you’ll realise you missed so much.

On the new single, vocalist Brian Willie comments:

“‘The Death We Seek’ is about the weight of our choices and our responsibility for their outcomes. The video follows two individuals attempting to stop a looming apocalypse, only to be sabotaged by forces beyond their control or understanding. This song was written shortly after the completion and release of [2020 full-length] The Way It Ends, and felt like the perfect way to build on and continue the story behind the music and reintroduce ourselves to the world.”

Welcome back, Currents; what else you got in store for us?

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘The Death We Seekhere

Currents The Death We Seek

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