Hear Bring Me The Horizon’s Latest Collab ‘Bad Life’ With Singer/Songwriter Sigrid

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Bring Me The Horizon have been delivering a bunch of collabs this year, and it’s all been raising a few eyebrows. Since the Sheffield group’s EP Post Human: Survival Horror (our review here), they shared standalone single Die4u as well as some others, cascading throughout the year so far. This includes their ‘Moon Over The Castle‘ instrumental cover for videogame Gran Turismo 7, as well a bunch of collabs, namely with Ed Sheeran for ‘Bad Habits‘, with Machine Gun Kelly for ‘Maybe‘ and also with Aussie rapper Masked Wolf for ‘Fallout‘.

Oli Sykes and the gang aren’t done with collabs yet. Their latest effort is with Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid, who has an extensive back catalogue on streaming platforms to check out. Sigrid‘s second album How To Let Go is coming out May 6th, 2022, and she’s brought along Bring Me The Horizon for the ride, well at least for a feature on the single ‘Bad Life‘.

So, what’s with all these collab singles from BMTH? Is this the next era for the band, and will these all collectively become EP #2 of the Post Human series? Judging by Sykes’ recent Instagram post, the next taste of new material may not be a collab:

Bad Life‘ is an ambient single with Sigrid taking the lead (expectedly as the track sits on her forthcoming album). Sykes steps in on raspy clean vocal duties after Sigrid‘s opening verse, before the two enter a chorus duet. It’s certainly got some instrumental elements that alludes to some dabbling by Jordan Fish and the rest of Bring Me The Horizon, albeit unclear of the extent compared to Sigrid‘s M.O. This isn’t one where the single rips into metallic breakdown chaos, but merely a softer collab between the two. Take a look below to see if it’s your cuppa tea.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Sigrid – ‘Bad Life‘ feat. Bring Me The Horizon here

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