BMTH Talk Future POST HUMAN Releases + If They’d Make A Thrash Metal Album

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Still thrashing Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest masterpiece POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR? Us too (suss our review here)! And there seems to be a general consensus that this is BMTH’s best work since their earlier, heavy years and we have to agree, especially with the album’s opening track ‘Dear Diary,‘ which just explodes from the first few seconds with a thrash metal riff that you can’t help but headbang along to.

The riff itself was created by keyboard/vocals/percussionist Jordan Fish via a tongue flicking sound he sent guitarist Lee Malia in pre-production and the end result is something that pays homage to Slayer as the boys told Wall of Sound‘s Paul ‘Browny’ Brown during an interview this week:

“I just recorded myself going like [makes tongue flicking sounds] down a mic, and then actually did it with my distortion on and I sent it to Lee and I was like ‘oh, should we do something like this?’ and he’s like ‘yeah, I know what that is… I can do that exact thing’ and he sent it back and it was exactly what’s on the record…” explains Jordan.

“Yeah I just went as Slayer as possible for me, you know what I mean…” Lee Malia adds.

But when quizzed about the idea of the band following that path and releasing an album full of thrash metal inspired riffs, the chances are looking very slim, unfortunately, as Jordan states:

“Unlikely I would say… I think dabble is probably enough for us” 

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Which brings us to the next question, what are the following three POST HUMAN releases going to sound like? We know that the boys are working on a total of four releases, set to drop over the next couple of years and with their ever-changing sound on each album, do they have a rough idea of what the next one will entail OR does the final track on POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR flow into the first track of part two? Apparently expect the unexpected according to Jordan and Lee:

“The thing about doing it this way is we can adapt to whatever we’re feeling. It’s not really planned is it?” says Lee, while Jordan chimes in with “[people ask] ‘what’s the second, third and fourth one gonna be about and what’s the vibe gonna be?’ [and] I’m just like ‘I don’t fucking know!’ [laughs] We haven’t written all four so no idea!

I think Oli [Sykes]’s got some conventional ideas about what kind of vibes he wants to get across and part of the idea of this is we can be reactive… I think that they’ll be different, all are gonna be different, but, you know we can see what’s going down well and use it as a launchpad to go into the next one and then see how we wanna take the next one I guess. 

“The whole point is that we’re not writing a 20 track album and breaking it up, we’re gonna actually write them as we go!” – Jordan Fish explains how BMTH are writing their POST HUMAN series

And I guess the reason behind making records this way, is so they’re not sitting on material for over a year and releasing it when the themes or inspiration (e.g. COVID) aren’t as relative and fresh as they were when they were conceived.

Just another way that Bring Me The Horizon are leading the pack when it comes to music making, inspiring sounds and surviving the pandemic madness! What do you reckon? Keen for what’s to come from BMTH camp Let us know what song you’re frothing the most off the new release and give the full interview a spin below!

POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR is out now via Sony Music Australia
Stream/Purchase Here

Bring Me The Horizon – POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR tracklisting

1. Dear Diary,
2. Parasite Eve
3. Teardrops
4. Obey feat. Yungblud
5. Itch For The Cure (When Will We Be Free)
6. Kingslayer feat BABYMETAL
7. 1×1 feat. Nova Twins
8. Ludens
9. One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death feat. Amy Lee

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