Aussie Hip-Hop Sensation Masked Wolf Recruits Bring Me The Horizon For ‘Fallout’

Masked Wolf Bring Me The Horizon Fallout review

Aussie rapper Masked Wolf (aka, Harry Michael) reigns from Sydney and has blown up in the past few years with a bunch of releases, including ‘Astronaut in the Ocean‘, which you’d probably recognise, even as a heavy music lover. With the success of his 2021 album Astronomical, Masked Wolf has attracted fans across the globe, and now seems to be attracting alternative music fans with his latest single ‘Fallout‘, featuring the one and only Bring Me The Horizon.

It’s been a year of collabs for the Sheffield alternative group, having already released singles with Ed Sheeran and Machine Gun Kelly this year alone. So does ‘Fallout‘ live up to the recent hype? The three-minute track has Sykes take the lead on uncleans to some soft tones before Masked Wolf jumps in for a steady hip-hop verse – a seemingly new territory for BMTH to enter. “Cold sweats, people shrinkin’” will be the lyrics stuck in your head today as the chorus returns with Sykes delivering a catchy loop.

The final thirty-seconds delivers a crescendo (wouldn’t go as far as a breakdown) with an ounce of growl from the BMTH vocalist. It’s an enjoyable cover, but certainly leaves you wanting a bit more from the heavy side; nonetheless, a brave collab in new territory.

Enjoy the single at midnight local time.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Masked Wolf – ‘Fallout‘ feat. Bring Me The Horizon here

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