Patient Sixty-Seven Lash Out with Currents’ Brian Wille on ‘Fatebringer’

Patient Sixty-Seven are set on making 2022 their fucking year this week and have skyrocketed spectacularly with their fresh single ‘Fatebringer’. This time, it marks the band’s newest collaboration with Currents vocalist Brian Wille. Let’s get around it.

As soon as the song is unleashed, we’re thrown into the chaotic well of emotions that vocalist (and Aussie scene MVP) Tom Kiely has divulged with each new release. From the heavy-tinged verses to the wave of melodic moments riding into the chorus, ‘Fatebringer’ is an absolute atrocity of a track. But in the best way, of course. Clean vocalist/guitarist Rory Venville finally has his moment too with the guitars cutting through the intense verses at such velocity. Kiely shares his thoughts on the song’s creation:

“Fatebringer was such an intense song to write. It’s really about being angry at the way the world looks – feeling powerless to make an impact and just wishing, wanting for more.

From a personal standpoint – I really wanted to express my own sadness in seeing the pain and destruction occurring in the world everyday. From the pandemic, to some of the human suffering, animal suffering. These things that just perpetuate pain, fear and suffering…It just doesn’t seem to stop.

This was written as an outcry for action, I wanted to bottle that discontent I think so many of us are feeling and spill that out in a song. It’s an angrier side of Patient Sixty-Seven, it’s heavier….but it’s one I felt like had to be brought to life in this way – because that’s how I felt when writing the lyrics for this song. Brian (Wille) was also such an amazing addition to the track, he really helped bring the song to a new level.”

‘Fatebringer’ follows on from the band’s previous singles ‘Scattered’ and ‘Wayfarer’, with their latest track proving that Patient Sixty-Seven are Australia’s most underrated heavy act on the circuit right now. Surely, a debut full-length is imminent.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Fatebringer’ here

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