Brian Wille – Currents ‘Bringing The Whole Package With The Way It Ends’

Metalcore band Currents reign from Connecticut in the U.S., awfully close to New York, a beloved city that is struggling to defy COVID-19. This situation, in conjunction with the way the rest of the planet is managing the virus, will make the band’s release day an interesting one to say the least.

No release show. No listening party (physical one anyway). No touring. 

It’s a tough time to be releasing their biggest and arguably best album to date (our review here). But that’s not stopping Currents from moving full steam ahead on this bad-boy, due for release on Friday. We got on the blower to vocalist Brian Willie to learn more about this record and the way the band’s managing in these unprecedented times.

Querying Willie straight off the bat as to whether the initial release day for The Way it Ends will be impacted, he gave us the short and sharp answer he believed.

“Nah. We’re going full steam ahead. June 5th is our day.”

Yeah it is, Brian.

Even though this album release will be like no other, it’s not going to stop Currents from getting creative and trying to do some kind of live stream or virtual listening party.

“We’re gonna try to find a way to do it” – the frontman laughs as he ponders the current reality.  The band released an explosive single titled ‘A Flag to Wave’ which proves receptiveness exists without a touring presence right now.

The American group have been known as the fairly new guys on the block for a little while but at this point with an album like this one, they’re really cementing themselves in the metalcore scene, globally. They’ve really settled into their own groove and bring a unique style to metalcore, especially since it’s been a minute since their last LP.

“Since our last record ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ so it’s been a couple of years. We released an EP in 2018 so we’re definitely excited to get a whole album out.” 

And they’ve been working on it for quite a long time. It dates back to early last year from writing, recording and tracking the record. 

The album varies between that heavy crunchy technical breakdown feel compared to the more emotive metalcore ballad style. “We’re always trying to pressure ourselves to be as dynamic as possible” Willie tells us. “We never wanna sit there and feel like we’re writing the same song over and over again and what we wanna make sure is that we were writing as much value as we could” the front-man says. Currents have certainly brought the range of The Way it Ends.

“We have the super heavy and also slower songs, and we also have some experimental stuff going on too. We really wanted to bring all the whole package so to speak.” 

With much anticipation for this new record, the band have had to compose their excitement as various tours and shows have had to be cancelled, in the midst of the current environment we’re living in, around the world.

“Unfortunately yeah, we had to cancel a lot, a tonne of stuff – one of those being a tour where we were just about to go on with Polaris, Varials and Alpha Wolf across Europe” he says with a devastating tone. “ …But we’re here just navigating it and doing our best and trying to do the right thing everyday.” 

The dynamic vocalist elaborates – 

“It’s uncertain times but it seems it’ll be a while until we can do shows, but we just want to get the music out there while it’s still relevant and while people want it, as opposed to pushing it and trying to salvage things or anything like that.”

The band are trusting their gut and don’t want to put off the inevitably successful album. “We think that what we’re doing now is what we should be doing and I’m pretty happy with that” and he insists that they need to simply disregard “thinking of the ‘what if’ scenarios and all that.”

Currents haven’t quite made it to our shores, and had they gone on tour with Polaris and Alpha Wolf in Europe, there could have been some potential relationships formed and who knows the rest? Willie has some idea though it seems…

“We have people asking all the time and it’s on our bucket list; we’re just freakin’ dying to go to Australia, and for me this was the year where it was going to happen but now, there may be some hiccups.”

The band haven’t ruled out 2021 for Australia, assuming international travel and touring returns to ‘somewhat’ normal. But the singer assures us “it’s on the forefront of our minds right now.”

So, whether you’re reading this as a diehard Currents fan who’s frothing for some new material, or whether you had a squiz and never actually heard the guys’ stuff before, here’s how the front-man describes it. 

“Expect a weird ride of different sounds. We’re experimenting with new elements, you’ll be hearing more of a mature sound, and not getting too complacent or cutting corners. We try our best to make the most meaningful record that we could and I really just hope everyone enjoys it too.”

Interview by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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Currents – The Way it Ends tracklisting

1. It Was Never There
2. A Flag to Wave
3. Poverty of Self
4. Monster
5. Kill the Ache
6. Let Me Leave
7. Origin
8. Split
9. Second Skin
10. How I Fall Apart
11. Better Days

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