Architects Offer Live at Abbey Road Release Date + Stream ‘Impermanence’

Architects Abbey Road release date

Remember that livestream performance from Architects at Abbey Road in December? Well, now you can relive ‘Impermanence – Abbey Road Version‘ and pre-order the whole thing – For Those That Wish to Exist Live at Abbey Road. This special release will be available on March 25, 2022. It’s wonderful to have this livestream revitalised as Sam Carter (who we caught up with back in Feb for our Virtual Hangs series) has been so openly excited about it, and obviously so have the fans.

We couldn’t be more stoked for the boys too, after the release of their ARIA #1 album For Those That Wish To Exist (our review here), and also having already heard ‘Animals’ (Orchestral) – Live at Abbey Roadreleased back in March last year.

The band performs alongside Parallax Orchestra, made up of some of the UK’s best and most versatile classical musicians, arranged and written by Simon Dobson, Parallax Orchestra’s conductor and a three times British Composer award (BASCA) winner for his compositions. Fancy metal from the same spiritual home music legends The Beatles and Pink Floyd also performed in.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Architects – ‘Impermanence – Abbey Road Version‘ here and
Pre-order For Those That Wish to Exist Live at Abbey Road here

Architects For Those That Wish To Exist Live at Abbey Road tracklisting
ArchitectsFor Those That Wish to Exist Live at Abbey Road tracklisting

1. Do You Dream Of Armageddon? (Abbey Road Version)
2. Black Lungs (Abbey Road Version)
3. Giving Blood (Abbey Road Version)
4. Discourse Is Dead (Abbey Road Version)
5. Dead Butterflies (Abbey Road Version
6. An Ordinary Extinction (Abbey Road Version)
7. Impermanence (Abbey Road Version)
8. Flight Without Feathers (Abbey Road Version)
9. Little Wonder (Abbey Road Version)
Animals (Abbey Road Version)
Libertine (Abbey Road Version)
Goliath (Abbey Road Version)
Demi God (Abbey Road Version)
Meteor (Abbey Road Version)
Dying Is Absolutely Safe (Abbey Road Version)

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