Russian Prog-Metallers Shrezzers Release ‘UVB-76’ feat. CJ McMahon

Shrezzers UVB-76 review

Thy Art is Murder‘s CJ McMahon has shown interest in a number of diverse musical projects lately, including his fairly recent feature in Ghostbath‘s track ‘Hide From The Sun‘ which was an awesome black metal collaboration. Well, besides announcing a monster Thy Art is Murder Aussie tour this week, McMahon has also jumped on Russian band Shrezzers‘ latest track ‘UVB-76‘.

So let’s play catch-up – who are Shrezzers? They’re a post-hardcore/progressive metal group formed in St Petersburg, Russia and Lima, Peru in 2016. The band consists of vocalist Diego Silva, guitarists Vyacheslav Kavenas and Vitaly Molokanov, drummer/back-vocalist Mark Mironov and saxophonist Artyom Subichev.

They’re considered a bit of a supergroup, having reigned from a number of different bands, but let’s take a moment to focus on the interesting and somewhat timely inclusion of Mironov, who played in the French metalcore band Betraying The Martyrs from 2012-2016. The timeliness of course relates to the very recent rebirth of Betraying The Martyrs announcing their new vocalist Rui Martins and releasing brand new track ‘Black Hole‘ (after front-man Aaron Matts left the band).

Alright, back to Russia. Two years after Shrezzers released their debut album Relationships, they’ve returned with new single ‘UVB-76‘ featuring McMahon. The track is led by progressive riffs, coupled with harmonious vocals, reminiscent of what we might hear with TesseracT, however, it doesn’t last long before the McMahon’s disgusting vocals kick in. It certainly makes an interesting feature to the otherwise not so heavy band. With a steady groove, the calming clean vocals return in the chorus, with a slice of sax, which is a really nice unique element. When McMahon returns, you realise it’s quite inventive to combine the prog-metal/deathcore elements together. Time will tell if Shrezzers keep up the heavy direction. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream Shrezzers – ‘UVB-76‘ feat. CJ McMahon here

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