Betraying The Martyrs Debut New Vocalist For Next French Metalcore Era


Betraying The Martyrs lost vocalist Aaron Matts of ten56earlier this year (read about it here), but the French metalcore band are back all guns blazing after teasing new music for quite some time. Now signed to Out Of Line Records (the same label as ten56. and Matts), Betraying The Martyrs have released their first song in two years, titled ‘Black Hole’ and more importantly have announced their new vocalist. Drum-roll please the band’s new front-man is Rui Martins. 

Here’s the band’s full statement as they announce new music, a new vocalist, and a new era after facing some pretty serious adversity:

The track ‘Black Hole’ is an excellent return for the band who made a huge name for themselves with their previous four monster albums, the most recent being Rapture in 2019. The first track in several years with Martins in the band is an awesome one. The track immediately includes the orchestral keys immediately as the clean vocals kick in. Then you hear Matts’ successor stress that larynx for the first time, and boy – does it sound good. The track has a deliciously heavy breakdown where Martins gives it his all as he finds his feet with his new brothers. However, even with Martin’s involvement in ‘Black Hole’ it’s clear that it’s not all about bellowing roars, but more in line with a lot that orchestral clean-vocal metalcore we’ve also known to love with Betraying The Martyrs effort.   

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Betraying The Martyrs – Black Hole here.


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