Ghost Bath Get CJ McMahon on Black Metal Track ‘Hide From The Sun’

Ghost Bath

Black metal band Ghost Bath have released a new song ‘Hide From the Sun’ featuring Thy Art is Murder‘s CJ McMahon. The band originally labelled a Chinese native band but actually from North Dakota, are following up ‘Convince Me to Bleed’ released a few weeks ago as they announced their upcoming record Self Loather coming out on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records

The ominous track ‘Hide From The Sun’ surprisingly brings in System of a Down tuning, but that quickly changes as the band break in with blackened vocals exploding into the soundscape. Mid-way CJ jumps in with demon vocals, even for him. Thy Art is Murder have always danced the line between death metal and deathcore, and it seems like CJ must have lavished in the opportunity to dabble in the blackened sphere.

The track is filled with Norwegian black metal influences as well as stunning melodic elements like that you’d hear form a previous Deafheaven era, and in unison, it will fill the satanic hole in your life, so check it out. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90

Stream Ghost Bath‘s new song ‘Hide From The Sun’ feat. CJ McMahon here
Pre-order new album Self Loather here

Ghost BathSelf Loather tracklisting

1. Convince Me To Bleed
2. Hide From The Sun ft. CJ McMahon
3. Shrines Of Bone
4. Sanguine Mask
5. A Crystal Lattice
6. Sinew And Vein
7. I Hope Death Finds Me Well
8. For It Is A Veil
9. Unbearable
10. Flickering Wicks Of Black

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