We’re about to hit the halfway mark of 2017 and some killer albums have dropped whilst Wall of Sound has expanded our coverage into Podcasting as well as welcoming a host of new writers and photographers on board! Killer Content, Done Our Way!

We’ve asked a bunch of our writers and photographers to come with their Top 7 Albums So Far for 2017 and what they are most looking forward too for the rest of the year. Some interesting picks and sure to evoke some arguments. Will they change much by year’s end?


James Birkin (aka Plugga73)
Editorial Manager/Albums Reviews & Interviews

1.  POWERTIP – Nightmare Logic
2.  BARE BONES – Bad Habits
3.  MASTODON – Emperor of Sand
4.  CLOWNS – Lucid Again
5.  BODY COUNT – Bloodlust
6.  MEMORIAM – For The Fallen
7.  MUNICIPAL WASTE – Slime and Punishment

“I’m still clinging onto the hope that Slayer make it down under before the year is out. Besides that, the Ministry and Me First & the Gimme Gimmes shows will be all kinds awesome and I’m looking forward to hearing the new Marilyn Manson album and a new one from Sydney’s LO!”

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Paul Brown (aka Browny)
Owner/Editorial Manager/Podcast Host

1.  Bare Bones – Bad Habits
2.  Stone Sour – Hydrograd
3.  Amy Shark – Night Thinker EP
4.  Northlane – Mesmer
5.  Falling In Reverse – Coming Home
6.  Blink 182 – California (Deluxe Edition)
7.  cKy – The Phoenix

“I can’t wait for Mother Fuckin’ Tom Delonge’s return to music. The rumoured Boxcar Racer reunion is blowing my mind every day and I will lose my shit publicly if it happens. Also (shameless self plugging) the Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast has some BIG things planned in the coming weeks, highly recommend jumping on board if you haven’t yet 😉 \m/”

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Ricky Aarons (aka Ricky Saul)
Writer (Perth)

1. Emmure – Look at Yourself
2. Volumes – Different Animals
3. Motionless in White – Graveyard Shift
4. Betraying the Martyrs – The Resilient
5. Miss May I – Shows Inside
6. Northlane – Mesmer
7. While She Sleeps – You Are We

“I’m most looking forward to new albums from Sworn In, Make Them Suffer, Thy Art is Murder and The Contortionist.”

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Jerika Faithfull
Photographer (Perth)

1. Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes
2. The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You Than You Are of Me
3. Dune Rats – Bullshit
4. Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark
5. Northlane – Mesmer
6. Sleepmakeswaves – Made of Breath Only
7. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – High Visceral {Part 2}

“Keen for new music from Queens of the Stone Age and the boys from Make Them Suffer. Still holding on to the hope that Tool will release something new before the end of 2017…”

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Kim Anderson (AKA ShootTheWickedWitch)
Photographer (Perth)

1.  Clowns – Lucid Again
2.  Dune Rats – The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit
3.  Bare Bones – Bad Habits
4.  Paramore – After Laughter
5.  Rise Against – Wolves
6.  Frenzal Rhomb – Hi-Vis High Tea
7.  Papa Roach – Crooked teeth

“I refuse to listen to anymore music made in 2017 until Scalphunter finally release their fucking album already”

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Mick Goddard
Photographer (Sydney)

1.  Taberah – Sinners Lament
2.  Harlott – Extinction
3.  Desecrator- To The Gallows
4.  Dragonforce – Reaching Into Infinity
5.  Overkill – The Grinding Wheel
6.  Firewind – Immortals
7.  Kreator- Gods Of Violence

“I’m most looking forward to new music from Espionage, LORD (maybe 2018) and Blind Guardian.”

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Den Rad
Photographer (Perth)

1.  Aversions Crown – Xenocide
2.  Boris the Blade – Warpath
3.  Code Orange – Forever
4.  Darkest Hour – Godless Prophets and the Migrant Flora
5.  Fit For An Autopsy – The Great Collapse
6.  Hadal Maw – Olm
7.  The Arson Project – Disgust

“I’m looking forward to new releases from Thy Art Is Murder, Cursed Earth and Burn”

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Georgia Moloney
Photographer (Sydney)

1. As It Is – Okay
2. Lorde – Melodrama
3. Sorority Noise – You’re Not As _____ As You Think
4. Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
5. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely
6. Paramore – After Laughter
7. Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes

“My taste isn’t super ~heavy~, soz; I’m super keen on the upcoming PVRIS, Speak Low If You Speak Love and Neck Deep albums. I am also hoping for a surprise album drop from Lady Gaga.”

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Kurt Boldy
Writer (Queensland)

1.  Northlane – Mesmer
2.  At The Drive In – in·ter a·li·a
3.  David Maxim Micic – Who Bit the Moon
4.  Born Of Osiris – The Eternal Reign
5.  Voyager – Ghost Mile
6.  Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark
7.  Sikth – The Future In Whose Eyes

“I’m excited for Karnivool to announce their album they’ve been teasing us with!”

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Gareth Williams
Writer/Ranga (Perth)

1. Body Count – Bloodlust
2. Taberah – Sinners Lament
3. Sleepmakeswaves – Made Of Breath
4. Silent Knight – The Angel Reborn (EP)
5. Kreator – Gods Of Violence
6. Soen – Lykaia
7. Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

“The one album I’m most looking forward to this year is the new one from Fozzy, due out in September.”

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Dave Mullins
Writer (Perth)

1.  Sepultura – Machine Messiah
Frenzal Rhomb – Hi-Vis High Tea
Body Count – Blood Lust
Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Warriors
Generation Y – Chazz Valentine
The Flatliners – Inviting Light
Western Addiction – Tremulous 

“I’m looking forward to new albums from Anti Flag, Propaghandi, Pour Habit an Teenage Bottlerocket!”

Dylonov Tomasivich
Writer (Sydney)

1. Code Orange – Forever
2. Endon – Through the Mirror
3. Blood Sun Circle – Distorted Forms
4. No Omega – Culture
5. Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
6. Blood Command – Cult Drugs
7. While She Sleeps – You Are We

“Looking forward to listening to some death metal that isn’t shit. But I doubt it.”

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Kaydan Howison 
Writer (Brisbane)

1.  Code Orange – Forever
2.  Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
3.  Creeper – Eternity in Your Arms
4.  King Woman – Created in The Image Of Your Suffering
5.  SikTh – The Future in Whose Eyes?
6.  Blood Command – Cult Drugs
7.  While She Sleeps – You Are We

“I’m looking forward to upcoming releases from TesseracT, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Myrkur, PVRIS and hopefully a new album from Kanye West.”

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Emanuel Rudnicki
Photography (Perth)

1.  Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar
2.  Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day
3.  Body Count – Bloodlust
4.  Dragonforce – Reaching Into Infinity
5.  Harem Scarem – United
6.  Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
7.  Labyrinth – Architecture of a God

“Looking forward to releases from Wintersun, Ihsahn, Galaktikon, Judas Priest and Dimmu Borgir.”

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Renae Egan
Photographer (Sydney)

1. As It Is – Okay
2. Paramore – After Laughter
3. All Time Low – Last Young Renegade
4. State Champs – Around the World and Back (Deluxe Edition)
5. Halsey – Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
6. In Hearts Wake – Ark
7. Ed Sheeran – Divide

“As you can see, I don’t exactly have the heaviest taste in music. I’m really looking forward to the new Fall Out Boy album as well as PVRIS and Neck Deep.”

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Heather McNab
Writer (Sydney)

1. Paramore – After Laughter
2. Halsey – hopeless fountain kingdom 
3. As It Is – Okay
4. Machine Gun Kelly – Bloom
5. Ed Sheeran – Divide
6. All Time Low – Last Young Renegade 
7. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely 

“I’m most looking forward to, PVRIS, Lorde, Fall Out Boy (I dont know how good it’ll be but im keen to find out)”

Recent contributions;
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Michael Parente
Writer (Brisbane)

1.  Boombox Cartel – Cartel EP
2.  Northlane – Mesmer
3.  In Hearts Wake – Ark
4.  Deadlights – Mesma
5.  Nickelback – Feed The Machine
6.  Kilter – Through the Distortion
7.  Ocean Grove – The Rhapsody Tapes

“I’m looking forward to the new albums from Wage War, Polaris, Oceans Ate Alaska, Odesza and Tesseract?”

Recent contributions;
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Gethin Hill
Photographer (Brisbane)

1.  Sikth – The Future In Whose Eyes?
2.  Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
3.  Soen – Lykaia
4.  sleepmakeswaves – Made of Breath Only
5.  Anathema – The Optimist
6.  At The Drive In – in.ter a.li.a
7.  Sepultura – Machine Messiah

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Stewart Munro
Photographer (Brisbane)

1. Nickelback – Feed the Machine
2. Scott Stapp – Live and Unplugged
3. Linkin Park – One More Light
4. Katy Perry – Witness
5. Nikki Webster – Strawberry Kisses 2017
6. Jimmy Barnes – Soul Searchin’ 7
7. OST – Logan

“No comment by Stew but after seeing his Top 7 albums, maybe it’s better he didn’t” – Plugga (Editor)

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So we’re an interesting bunch at Wall of Sound and we’re still looking to add even more writers and photographers before the year is over, particularly any Melbourne folk and most definitely some more death metal or the more extreme side of metal fans to add to our website. Interested? Hit us up at wallofsoundau@gmail.com

All our photographers can be contacted direct via the links in the article or our email (above) should you wish to purchase photos from them direct and our writers are available for any freelance jobs including writing up some killer press releases or band bio’s.

So, get involved,  let us know your TOP 7 so far this year on the Wall of Sound Facebook or Twitter!

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