FIGURES – Chronos (Album Review)

FIGURES – Chronos
Released: June 16th, 2017

Figures are:
Josh Potter – Drums
Mark Tronson – Vocals
Jen Fletcher – Bass
Paul Callow – Guitar
Simon Edgell – Guitar

Figures online:

Figures are a 5 piece, up and coming band hailing from Melbourne, who I can see blowing up musically in the upcoming months. Bringing us their newest EP Chronos which is a versatile set of tracks, ranging from the heavier, metal influences to songs that are more of a alternative, punk melody that can appeal to a wide variety of listeners who enjoy both genres of music.

When I listened to the EP for the first time, I was a little taken back, hearing the unclean vocals and heavy sounds of the guitars, sensing a sound that seemed familiar to me in the way that it reminded me of an early Of Mice & Men or Bring Me The Horizon track. So I readied myself to hear another band who had been influenced by such bands but no longer than a minute into the first track, ‘Recoil, I learned this wasn’t the case at all; I began to hear clean vocals, singing a verse with such ease and depth.

With Mark Tronson on vocals, it is clear that he has such an incredible ability to control his voice, putting more power behind certain lyrics and verses and mix things up again in another. Backed by Simon Edgell and Paul Callow on guitar, carrying a heavy rhythm, along with Josh Potter on drums, this song is the perfect opener to introduce people to the sound that the band are looking to create. While the bass line didn’t stand out as clearly to me in this track, the talents of Jen Fletcher are not missed, having her work on bass shine through on songs such as Tied Around, which appears as track three.

This EP is full of songs that are easy to rock out to, whether it be blasting the tracks out of the car while driving on the highway or just because you want something to listen to instead of silence. Opening with a solid track that showcases the talents of the band, right through to their final closer, ‘Crying Door’ which is a slower song for the band to have added, but it is definitely a standout track, both lyrically and musically in a way that you can feel the emotion in Tronson’s voice. I would definitely recommend Figures to anyone who is looking for some new music to listen to, as it’s not quite like any other band I’ve heard before.

Figures album

Figures – Chronos tracklisting:
1. Recoil
2. Alpha
3. Tied Around
4. Point of Doubt
5. Crying Door

Rating: For this EP, I give it a solid 6/10. It did take a few listens to get into their sound, but it’s definitely one that I thoroughly enjoyed and I’d definitely listen to more of their releases.
Chronos is out June 16. Pre-Order your copy via iTunes.
Review by – Heather McNab

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