Puscifer – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 26th January @ Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane QLD

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane QLD
January 26th, 2017
Support – Luchafer

Sometimes you see things in your life which defy description. These are the “should have been there moments.” Because there’s nothing you can possibly say which could accurately describe what you just witnessed. The kind of moments which stick in your brain and will never leave you for however long you’re going to be alive.

Seeing Puscifer live is one of those moments.

Beginning well-before the band have even started, the fans are subjected to various questionable covers of famous songs with several renditions of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ including a flute cover (yes you read that right) which would have the legend rolling in his grave and may have been the cause of his untimely death.

From here it’s an evening of “what the fuck” moments as you bare witness to one of the most mental nights you’ll ever experience in your life. Coming across like WWE on a bad acid trip. Luchafer are a combination of wrestling, comedy and dancing and with it they create an utterly enthralling experience of masculinity and power. It’s a hilarious beginning to one of the oddest things you’ll ever see at a concert and yet…it all makes sense.

Taking to the ring with his partner in crime Carina Round, Maynard James Keenan stands in the dark as the moody tones and voiceover of ‘Simultaneous’ fill the venue with Keenan’s vocals crackling with a sheer pristine quality – complemented by Round’s own vocals which coalesce together to form a spellbinding reverie. Focusing on the latest LP Money Shot while giving some love to the beautiful Conditions of My Parole it’s a night of performance art, song and video, which defines mere description and leaves you utterly captivated.

Hanging back in the dark corners of the stage during ‘Galileo’ and fan favourite ‘Vagina Mine’. Keenan twists and dances in his darkened corners, with most of the attention squarely on Round, who matches Keenan with her own eclectic dancing. The Luchadors stand to the sides of the stage, cheering, jumping and dancing around, only adding to the WWE if you snorted cocaine vibe.

Highlights such as emotional ‘The Arsonist’ and the The Remedy’ keep the awe-inspiring performance going as Keenan and Round threaten to shatter the Earth with their ethereal presence. Each song tonight is like waking from a nightmare and being smashed in the face with a dream, it’s beyond description, it’s perfection.

Ending with the slow brooding, emotional tones of ‘The Humbling River’ sees Keenan alongside Round expose every ounce vulnerability as they roll into the beautiful finale. Walking promptly from the stage with the lights heralding the performance is over. It’s nothing short of an unforgettable night where every element, no matter how weird, perfectly encapsulated the look and sound of Puscifer.

I’m sure everyone leaving tonight won’t soon forget the night they’ve had as they head towards the exit. Forget about Tool, forget about A Perfect Circle. Money Shot has made Puscifer not just a mere vanity project of this great artist.

Whatever you do; don’t miss this band. 

By Kaydan Howison

Photographer Stewart Munro shot the action for us.
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  1. Excellent (and highly accurate) review.

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