SikTh – The Future in Whose Eyes? (Album Review)

SikTh – The Future in Whose Eyes?
Released: 2nd June 2017


Mikee W Goodman | Vocalist and lyricist
Joe Rosser | Vocalist
Pin | Guitarist
Dan Weller | Guitarist
Dan Foord | Drummer
James Leach | Bassist

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Twitter: @Sikthofficial

Over the last several years, we’ve seen many legacy acts in heavy metal and elsewhere returning from the brink of oblivion to grace the world with their music once again. Many of these acts, have unfortunately not been able to withstand the inevitable burden of expectation that comes along with such a return.  SikTh who are arguably more important than Meshuggah when it comes to influencing the new-wave of technical guitar orientated progressive bands, have finally returned with a new record in tow, a whole 11 years since the release of their now classic album Death of a Dead Day.

I’m happy to report that the follow-up The Future in Whose Eyes? Is anything but a cash in on their legacy and heralds the beginning of a brand new chapter in their already unquestionable career.

The opener ‘Vivid’ is a clear indication time has not diminished the impact of their compositions as the sound of feedback is met with the technical orientated greatness you’ve come to expect from the lynchpins of their sound via the guitar work of guitarists Pin and Dan Weller. The lyrics of Mikee Goodman are as eccentric as ever – married with his off-kilter vocal gymnastics with new member Joe Rosser the two play off each other as if past member Justin Hill never left.

Throughout the album SikTh provides the best example of who they have been and who they are now by marrying all their odd eccentricities into one complete whole. The combination of poetry, clean and harsh vocals, flowing over heavy technical guitars reaches new heights with the likes of ‘The Aura’ and ‘Weavers of Woe’ dropping atomic level choruses more unforgettable than Taylor Swift jamming out “Blank Space”.

A guest vocal spot from Periphery front-man Spencer Sotello only seeks to further underpin everything great about this album. Opening with lines of poetry as it descends into the maddeningly beautiful transitions between Rosser and Sotello before seriously furious drumming work from the illustrious Dan Foord who is the obvious backbone to their sound.

Arguably the best songs are the slow-burning ‘Golden Cufflinks’ complete with operatic choruses and the head-bang inducing ‘Riddles of Humanity’ both of which take the record from purely great to another dimension their focus on a new depth of theatricality. Both of these songs are begging to be heard in a live setting and are sure to be fan favourites in the future with the former sure to induce anthem level sing-alongs while the latter is built for the moshpit.

The album ends with the beautifully heavy ‘Ride the Illusion’ which contains everything this band does so well with a chorus that reaches for the stratosphere – the harsh vocals bringing you crashing back to Earth. Inevitably closing in the glorious poetry of ‘When it Rains’ which closes out this beautiful technical masterpiece.

Make no mistake, with this release SikTh have shirked any notion of being a nostalgia act. The Future in Whose Eyes? Is nothing short of a revelation from the very first note to the last and will be sure to be included on many album of the year lists.

The kings of technical prog have returned to claim their crown.


SikTh – The Future in Whose Eyes tracklist:

1. Vivid
2. Century of the Narcissist
3. The Aura
4. This Ship Has Sailed
5. Weavers of Woe
6. Cracks of Light (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
7. Golden Cufflinks
8. The Moon’s Been Gone for Hours
9. Riddles of Humanity
10. No Wishbones
11. Ride the Illusion
12. When It Rains

Rating: 9/10
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Review by Kaydan Howison

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