BELLE HAVEN – You, Me And Everything In Between (Album Review)

BELLE HAVEN – You, Me And Everything In Between
Released: June 16th, 2017

Belle Haven are:

Christopher Vernon – Guitar
Daniel ‘Mara’ Marinakis – Guitar
David Vernon – Vocals
Jake Zammit – Drums
Tom Mitchell – Bass

Belle Haven online:

Bringing us their debut album, You, Me And Everything In Between, the Melbourne native band Belle Haven have put forth something that is sure to pick up worldwide recognition.

The album art being just the beginning of it all, as it is well thought out, showing somewhat of a chaotic work space, but it’s not until you really listen to the lyrics that it makes you realise that it ties in perfectly, being a visual standpoint of the message that is being conveyed through the music. The words YOU and ME being shown very distinctly with red string attempting to connect everything together.

Getting into the actual songs themselves, I was instantly drawn to the fact that the titles were cleverly thought out, with examples such as ‘HighfLIAR‘. I had originally thought they were interesting, but upon listening to them, it was apparent that it was almost a way to describe the lyricism that is being used which I haven’t known many, if any, bands to do before. The vocals of David Vernon are versatile, seeming very rock oriented but backing it with his ability to create unclean vocals that aren’t those of a conventional “metal” sound. It comes across almost being a yell as opposed to the scream that most other metal bands will use. It did take some time to get used to, since it wasn’t something that I had heard much of before, but I think that due to it being quite unique, it will work in their favour as it stands out from the crowd.

The riffs being created showcase the talent of each band member and mix up the sound with ease, being able to interchange between a heavy, rough and metal vibe to a rock style. It is catchy and upbeat while still remaining true to the tone of an alternative band. Songs that prominently show the ease of interchanging stylisation are ‘Ghost and ‘Little Polaroid Boy. Each track is packed full of emotion, but specifically speaking, ‘By Hook or by Crook, as you can hear, but almost feel the same emotions that Vernon is singing about.

However in saying this, Belle Haven have placed two songs on the list that in my opinion could have either been expanded, or blended together to create one song. ‘Hollywood‘ and ‘Egophobia‘ are one minute in length and considering that all their other pieces seem to tell a story about a certain situation, these two don’t really have much time to get to the point as well, and don’t quite fit the same way in that regard.

All up, this album is fantastic for new fans, and sure to blow away those who are previous listeners. Whether you listen to You, Me And Everything In Between once, or throw it on repeat, these are tunes that will stick in your head for days. Packed with creativity, strong lyrics that are well written and descriptive of the struggles that the band have faced over the years. Vocalist David Vernon explained a bit more about this, saying

“There are way too many people in the world who feel used, betrayed and manipulated on a daily basis. I hope this record can resonate with those people and inspire them to come to terms with when it’s right to burn a bridge. I’ve been there so many times and that’s the hardest part; knowing when to leave.”

You’re going to want to listen to this album, it’s one that belongs in every alternative music lovers collection.

you me and

Belle Haven – You, Me And Everything In Between tracklist:

1. You
2. The Carving Knife
3. “Selfmade”
4. Burn The Witch
5. Little Polaroid Boy
6. Hollywood
7. Egophobia
8. HighfLIAR
9. By Hook or by Crook
10. Ghost
11. Me

Rating: 7/10
Review By: Heather McNab
You, Me And Everything In Between available June 16 via Greyscale Records.

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