Voyager – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 13th May @ The Zoo, Brisbane QLD

The Zoo, Brisbane QLD
May 13th 2017
Supported by: The Algorithm and The Stranger

Finally, the much anticipated Ghost Mile album from Voyager sailed into our ears alongside an Australian tour. I heard whispers of Voyager concerts being an absolute blast of energy that always included a diverse line of support acts. It’s safe to say that both of these boxes are ticked. Up-and-comers, French hardcore progressive techno-metal, and new content; all the ingredients for a quality concert.

Three cheers goes to The Stranger for managing to pull off show without a bass player! Although it was unfortunate that the band’s full potential was not present that night, they still shredded their way through a set of prog worth checking out. A combination of serious songs and tracks inspired by the one and only RoboCop walked hand in hand through the set. A few songs in and drummer Daniel O’Brien throws off his sweat drenched shirt and show the crowd the meaning of mojo. Throughout the rest of the concert, beats were blasted, drum sticks were flipped around in the air or spun on fingers and guitarists were fist pumped all whilst playing. The Stranger are definitely improving their entertainment skills but the drummer seems to be a few steps ahead; catch up lads!

Two men set up on stage after; a drummer and a guitarist/DJ. That doesn’t look like a band, so they might not make music you’re into right? The Algorithm began their set with a relatively quiet and suspenseful combination of synth loops. Rémi Gallego then walks to the middle of the stage with his guitar before the venue erupted into a volcano of fast, down tuned, progressive riffs from hell. Whatever they put in French water, I need some of it. Instantly my partner who had never hear The Algorithm turns to me, eyes wide open and comments, “holy shit!” The energy of the performance instantly was reflected in the crowd with fans fist pumping, head banging and cheering for more. No talking between songs ensured a jam packed performance that will undoubtedly create new fans. The Algorithm are making very good use of their time in Australia.

After some casual beers and banter with the crowd, Voyager entered the focus of all in the room and began their show with ‘Ascension’. 

To hear the song live for the first time after weeks of foreplay was enough to get the crowd cheering, clapping and singing along.  After soaking in the atmosphere and power of ‘Ascension,’ the crowd was treated to the first single released; ‘Misery Is Only Company’. Other Voyager anthems followed including ‘A Beautiful Mistake,’ ‘Breaking Down,’ and ‘Sober.’ The fantastic and hilarious things about Voyager is they have the ability to get a crowd to reflect the energy they pour into the performance. I definitely did not anticipate dancing around to the band playing ‘I Like To Move It’. Light hearted moments were matched by songs filled with the beautiful harmonic interactions the band compose alongside technical and wide, down-tuned heavy riffs.

By this time in the concert the band could have played anything and the audience would have gone along with it and enjoyed what came out. Songs such as ‘Hyperventilating,’ ‘What A Wonderful Day’ and ‘Domination Game’ put the icing on the cake. Danny Estrin hangs up the microphone and walks off stage to conclude the concert, but of course the audience wants more. What better way to finish a concert than to get the audience singing along to an encore about a majestic horse flying through the sky (‘White Shadow’ from Univers).

After experiencing first-hand how much energy comes out of Voyager, it’s safe to say Ghost Mile will be a successful album for the band. Seeing bands like this remind me how kickass the Australian progressive and metal scene is becoming and I am personally stoked to see Voyager as one of those bands helping drive it. If you see these guys live you’ll understand how getting behind them becomes instantly irresistible.

Review by Kurt Boldy

Photo Gallery courtesy of Gethin Hill (Gethin Hill Photography)
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The Stranger

The Algorithm 


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VoyagerGhost Mile Australia Tour
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Friday 19th May – Perth

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