Vexed Unleash ‘Lay Down Your Flowers’ Feat. Alpha Wolf’s Lochie Keogh

Driven by unaltered aggression, United Kingdom’s Vexed are keeping the momentum going after releasing their sophomore album Negative Energy earlier this year, earning them spots on multiple festivals and UK headline tour. The trio are obviously hungry for your attention as they are now back with new track ‘Lay Down Your Flowers’ featuring Lochie Keogh from Australia’s own Alpha Wolf.

Giving us details surrounding the new offering, vocalist Megan Targett explains:

“‘The boy who cried wolf’ is a story that we are all familiar with. ‘Lay down your flowers’ is based on the vindication of the people who have had to endure living their lives in constant fear and threat of tragedy. Finding the courage to stand up to those who use your emotions and good nature to take advantage, and claiming back your sanity which was so manipulatively taken from you.”

The track begins with beefy guitars bursting through the intro with the incredibly talented Targett spitting fire into the mic, growling her message with hostility. The tempo slows down as the breakdown comes into play and the familiar voice of Keogh comes into play, blowing any and all expectations out of the water.

Does this UK/AUS crossover mean that making it onto Australian soil is on the minds of VEXED? Let’s hope so!

Words by Adam Rice

‘Lay Down Your Flowers’ featuring Lochie Keogh is out now via Napalm Records

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