Are You Ready For The Funniest Electric Callboy Song Ever? Listen to ‘HURRIKAN’ NOW!

electric callboy hurrikan

Soooo you know how this upcoming Electric Callboy album is shaping up to be one of the best surprise releases of the year? You’re gonna lose your mind over this new song – and it’s only one minute and 39 seconds long!

Following the release of their standout singles ‘Fuckboi‘ alongside Conquer Divide, ‘Spaceman‘ feat rapper FiNCH, ‘Pump It‘ and ‘We Got The Moves‘, the band are back with ‘HURRIKAN‘ which kicks off sounding like someone’s wet dream featuring David Hasselhoff and AQUA before, out of nowhere, the satanic sounds of the underground (Heaven Shall Burn according to Ricky Aarons) erupt and the song changes from easy listening to the devil’s alarm clock.

Honestly, this release is going to be full of surprises it seems, and the band are really honing in on that EDM/techno sound, meets metalcore with a splash of pop punk and gruesome gutturals. Cannot wait to see what they do at Good Things Festival at the end of the year. Find us front row centre!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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Electric Callboy – TEKKNO tracklisting

1. Pump It
2. We Got the Moves
3. Fuckboi
4. Spaceman
5. Mindreader
6. Arrow of Love
7. Parasite
8. Tekkno Train
9. Hurrikan
10. Neon

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