Eskimo Callboy Unveil Another Clubcore Banger ‘Pump It’

Electric Callboy Eskimo Callboy

Still high on the wave of Eskimo Callboy‘s electro infused early-morning-aerobics metalcore? Either way you’re about to be graced with a bit more of it on this fine #NewMusicFriday. Quick catch-up for you: We were split on the end result by the Germans’ wild track ‘We Got The Moves‘ a little while ago, which followed the release of their MMXX EP (our review here).

Don’t mark off your top singles for 2021 too quickly as Eskimo Callboy have dropped a late banger for you to chew to in da club. ‘Pump It’ kicks in with EDM-infused riffs and the clean-styles we’ve fallen in love with in the last couple of years. The electrocore combination never seems to get stale, and makes you want to groove with them, oh and it might have the biggest breakdown we’ve ever heard from these guys. The track hilariously bounces straight back into Oz Aerobics mode after the breakdown for another friendly chorus. Have some fun with ‘Pump It’ and turn it up.

It looks like ‘Pump It’ comes in all different sizes and packages for you to play with, including the Velvet Remix and the Remix by Harris & Ford.

Check out the new single at midnight local time, and bookmark the video premiere below, coming out soon.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Eskimo Callboy – ‘Pump It’ here

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