Eskimo Callboy Return in 2021 with ‘We Got The Moves’

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You know the routine, happy #NewMusicFriday head-bangers. So, 2020 was all about Eskimo Callboy and their revolutionary release of ‘Hypa Hypa’ which was anthemic for some, and divisive for others. Whether you rated it or not, it definitely turned some heads and showed a different side to the synth-core band. Well overnight we’ve had the band unveil new track ‘We Got The Moves’ with a video premiere to follow in the next 18 hours or so. No album details at this stage, but that could change when the video arrives. 

We Got The Moves’ is, well it’s interesting. To the point where this piece brings in two Wall of Sound opinions, one from yours truly (Ricky Aarons) and one from our Editor Browny

Here’s my two cents. Eskimo Callboy have leaned into the reception they got from ‘Hypa Hypa’ and the dance revolution is in full force with ‘We Got The Moves’. To be honest, it feels like it’s deviated a bit too far beyond the realms of their original heavy sound. The song is grounded by EDM but includes metalcore elements in sections, including unclean vocal features, however it’s predominantly high-pitched cleans which underpinned the success of ‘Hypa Hypa‘. The thing is, I feel like ‘Hypa Hypa’ was a once-off gag/parody that uplifted our spirits in a rough year – but is this the future of the band? Apparently so.  What I will say is this, if the breakdown at 2:25 onwards was stretched further across the track, I could get more on board. But let’s what the boss-man thinks.

Hi, Browny here! First let me mention this – you know those moments when someone that just irritates you goes on and on about a band, hyping them up like there’s no tomorrow, and when you finally listen to the song/band, you just can’t get into it?! That’s my relationship with Eskimo Callboy. I did’t get the hype over ‘Hypa Hypa‘ but I did like their synth-core throwback to bands like Attack Attack and Skip The Foreplay – their EP didn’t hit me and I just didn’t rate them… until now! Ricky’s opinion got me intrigued and ready to slam them but the catchiness of ‘We Got The Moves’ is infectious. It’s a party jam for heavy fans! If LMFAO dabbled in blastbeats or dubstep you’d froth it – this is the heavy music scene’s joke version of that duo and it’s just a bit of cheesiness to get you through your day. I don’t see synthcore making a big comeback, but it’s working for these guys with this new single. Will it get stale? Most definitely, but until then, I’m living in the moment and appreciating the band from this song onwards. Pressures on lads!

Either way, have a listen to the track and make up your own mind about Eskimo Callboy‘s ‘We Got The Moves’ so let us know what you think in the comments. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90) & Browny (@brownypaul)

Stream Eskimo Callboy – ‘We Got The Moveshere

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2 Comments on Eskimo Callboy Return in 2021 with ‘We Got The Moves’

  1. I’m of two minds when it comes to EC. On one hand I’m a big fan of their old sound and do see them creeping away from that, but with the additon of new memebers – especially when it’s vocals – you’re always going to create a different dynamic in a band, it’s unavoidable. I do feel that they’re maybe leaning a little too hard on the success of hypa hypa but at the same time this sound is infectious and I’m really getting into it. At the end of the day people have to accept that every band evolves over time and they can’t please everyone.

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