Bullet For My Valentine Allure Fans with Deluxe Single ‘No More Tears’

Bullet For My Valentine Deluxe Tracklisting

Welshmen Bullet For My Valentine have their deluxe self-titled record on it’s way, albeit with a slight date reshuffle. You can expect to both stream and get your hands on their CD on August 5th and on vinyl on November 11th, via Spinefarm/Search and Destroy. Of the new tracks on the deluxe edition, so far we’ve heard ‘Omen‘ and ‘Stitches‘, which really hit the spot.

We’re big fans of the self-titled record (our review here) which sported some of their heaviest singles to date, like ‘Parasite‘ and ‘Knives‘. After getting the chance to chat with Matt Tuck on the new record (interview here), we really got to know how they found themselves and epitomised their sound. With more tracks on the deluxe to unfold, the excitement continues to grow.

With just a couple of weeks to go until the full digital release, Bullet For My Valentine have shared ‘No More Tears‘ so I guess we can’t imagine much crashing around us on this one. The band are stoked nontheless, sharing:

“‘No More Tears’ is a dark but colorful story about dealing with mental health struggles. Musically, the track is very different from the other tracks on the album and has a lot of surprises on there, including slide guitar…”

As suspected, this is yet another single that is so magnificent, it could’ve arguably made the original record, but we’ll take it on the Deluxe nonetheless. With Tuck taking the lead on this one with cleans throughout, Bullet lean into their melodic side, with doses of heavy plugged in the right places throughout.

Stream Bullet For My ValentineNo More Tears‘ here
Pre-order the Bullet For My Valentine (Deluxe) edition here
Out August 5 via Spinefarm/Search and Destroy

BFMV Deluxe tracklisting

Bullet For My Valentine – Bullet For My Valentine (Deluxe) tracklisting

1. Parasite
2. Knives
3. My Reverie
4. No Happy Ever After
5. Can’t Escape The Waves
6. Bastards
7. Rainbow Veins
8. Shatter
9. Paralysed
10. Death By A Thousand Cuts
11. Omen
12. Stitches
13. No More Tears
14. Step Out From the Inside
15. This Means War

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