CABAL Engage Atypical Breakdowns on ‘Violent Ends’

CABAL 2022

CABAL‘s new record Magno Interitus is set for release on October 21 via Nuclear Blast, and we’re really looking forward to this one. From the album, the Danish crew have shocked audiophiles with their blistering singles so far – ‘Exsanguination‘ and ‘Magno Interitus‘, featuring Fit For An Autopsy‘s Joe Bad (who we recently chatted to in Melbourne – interview here).

These fresh tracks come off the back of CABAL‘s 2021 releases like Red Eye‘ and Innocent Blood‘, featuring Ingested‘s Jason Evans. These guys are some true underdogs who deserve some attention and will ultimately get it with how their new album is shaping up. A third single is now amongst us and it’s called ‘Violent Ends‘.  

The new track envelopes absolute carnage from the get-go and doesn’t relent across the short two and a half minutes. Violent Ends‘ disrupts the chaos with a bunch of grooves and bass heavy breakdowns, completely atypical in structure, leaving this modern deathcore band as a rather unique marvel amongst their peers. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Out October 21 via Nuclear Blast

CABAL new album 2022

CABAL – Magno Interitus tracklisting

1. If I Hang, Let Me Swing
2. Insidious
3. Magno Interitus
4. Existence Ensnared
5. Insatiable
6. Blod af Mit
7. Exit Wound
8. Violent Ends
9. Exsanguination
10. Like Vultures
11. Plague Bringer

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