Enterprise Earth Springs Back With ‘Psalm of Agony’, Debuts New Vocalist

Enterprise Earth Pslam of Agony Review

Washington deathcore four-piece Enterprise Earth have had a bit of a tumultuous year. Starting the year strong with their blistering new record The Chosen (our review here), the heavy outfit shared that January 14 release day with peers Fit For An Autopsy, Shadow of Intent and more. The album was a phenomenal start to the year, featuring singles like ‘Reanimate // Disintegrate‘ and ‘Legends Never Die‘.

Only three months after their fourth album was released, long-time vocalist Dan Watson announced his departure, surprising fans to say the least. Read his two-part statement below. With a spiritual awakening of sorts in part-two of the statement, Watson informs fans to look for his next era of material with deathcore project Mire Lore.

Enterprise Earth recovered well from Watson’s exit and has recruited successor Travis Worland, who’s known in the scene from bands like Aethere, Bite//Down and The Willow. With the introduction of their new vocalist, the U.S. group quickly recorded a new single with Worland to show fans what the next era of Enterprise Earth might sound like, and even though it’s less than half a year since The Chosen dropped, I don’t think fans are upset with an outcome that involves new music.

Enter ‘Psalm of Agony‘, a menacing seven minutes of progressive-deathcore bliss. Immediately, Worland marks his territory with a unique deathcore vocal style that compliments Enterprise Earth‘s ever-evolving signature deathcore sound. The technical driven breakdowns remain and the progressive song structure is arguably better than ever. After a brief mid-way interlude at the three-minute mark, the virtuosic outfit cut back into more hellish tones with symphonic elements adding to the destructive sonic boom. Don’t tune out early on ‘Psalm of Agony‘ as the closing prolonged breakdown will completely catch you off guard and blow your f*cking mind.

Listen to the new single at midnight local time.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Enterprise Earth – ‘Psalm of Agonyhere

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