Enterprise Earth Unravel Math Single ‘Reanimate // Disintegrate’

Enterprise Earth Legends Never Die review

Deathcore will destroy you! Enterprise Earth are joining their deathcore peers Fit For An Autopsy and Shadow of Intent who are all dropping records on January 14th 2022, and we are ready for it. The Washington band have already unleashed one single ‘Where Dreams Are Broken’ from The Chosen, and have now bestowed on us another monster track called ‘Reanimate // Disintegrate‘. 

The brutal track has front-man Dan Watson deliver retching gutturals across the enormous six-minute math track. With groovy interludes across the track, Enterprise Earth will keep you guessing. About mid-way through, the carnage pauses and slips into an extended eeriness, which slingshots into a filthy and slow breakdown, eventually sliding into the rhythm that the track started with. ‘Reanimate // Disintegrate‘ will leave you with no relief of consistency as it suddenly ceases again with a wrap-around breakdown before a guitar medley. After a track like this, it’s safe to say that Enterprise Earth are like the Dillinger Escape Plan of deathcore. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream ‘Reanimate // Disintegrate’ here.
Pre-order The Chosen here.

The Chosen | Enterprise Earth

Enterprise Earth – The Chosen track-listing

1. Where Dreams Are Broken
2. Reanimate // Disintegrate
3. Unleash Hell
4. I Have To Escape 
5. The Tower
6. They Have No Honor
7. Overpass
8. You Couldn’t Save Me
9. Unhallowed Path
10. Legends Never Die
11. My Blood Their Satiation
12. Skeleton Key
13. The Chosen
14. Atlas


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