ATLVS Continue to Dominate with New Single ‘Broken Bonds’

ATLVS Comethazine review

Following recent success with singles ‘Comethazine‘, ‘Nazareth‘ and Kodokushi‘, the fellas in ATLVS have kept the momentum going with brand new track ‘Broken Bonds’. This song differs sonically from the band’s recent releases but still manages to stay true to their roots. The song focuses on dark themes with lyrics that openly express the resulting trauma from growing up in abusive environments.

The band further explains:

“Abuse doesn’t always have to be followed, the scars can heal generation to generation. Things can get better and a person doesn’t have to be shaped by the environment they were raised in.”

The song itself is a doozy; it has so many elements, such as a guitar solo courtesy of guitarist Nick Fitzgerald, two step drum rhythms and some epic sing along moments. Hopefully these four singles will amount to an LP or EP because, well, more ATLVS is never a bad thing!

Words by Adam Rice

Listen to ‘Broken Bonds’ here

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