ATLVS Reveal Ferocious New Single ‘Kodokushi’

There has been no messing around in the ATLVS base camp. The group has welcomed new vocalist Nathan Coff with open arms and he is exceeding all expectations, particularly on their new track ‘Kodokushi’ which has been released today and as a result, we here at Wall of Sound are experiencing some very intense neck pain from all of the head banging that we have been doing. The low tuned, beefy guitars really compliment the insightful theme of struggling with every day life and suicidal ideation.

To get more info on what exactly has been happening behind the scenes, we grabbed drummer Nick Clavarino to quiz him on everything thats been going through our minds whenever we think of the Gippsland based group.

Hey Nick, Thanks for the opportunity to chat. For those not in the know, you recently recruited new vocalist Nathan Coff after Mitch James’s departure, how did that come about and how has Nathan found his feet within the band so far?

We found Nathan when we were scrambling to find a fill-in vocalist after our original frontman Jesse couldn’t play a few shows on our very first tour. That fell through and we found Mitch instead, who became a full time member of the band. When he departed due to personal issues, we approached Nathan again with our new material and he was all in from day one. Nathan has been the perfect fit for ATLVS both sonically and personally. It’s been a really easy and smooth transition and we can’t express how grateful we are to have found him

ATLVS has dealt with alot of losses throughout the pandemic including tours and a vocalist amongst other things. What pushed you to keep going through all the hardship?

We all know what we want to be doing, where we want to be, and who we want to be doing it with; and that’s making music, on stages around Australia and with the four brothers around us. The pandemic really tested us, but we each pushed one another to continue and I think we can finally say we’ve made it out the other side. Now it’s time to reap the rewards for our hard work.

You’ve been around for a few years now, released the EP, Memoir back in 2019. How has the band progressed from then to now with the release of both ‘Nazareth’ and ‘Kodokushi’?

Memoir was definitely a journey of us finding our sound. Listening to that EP in order of single releases really highlights how much we changed over that period. We went into the studio knowing that we wanted to make heavy music. Ionei Heckenberg (ZanAri records, Ocean Sleeper) helped to shape that EP and we couldn’t be more grateful for everything he did for us, but this next string of releases is the sound that we want to be making.

Would you say that both of these two songs make up the signature sound that you are honing in on for future releases?

Absolutely. That being said, don’t pigeon-hole us based on the two songs you’ve heard so far. While we’ve found our sound, there is a lot of room for experimentation within and I think fans will see that within the next few months

It’s my understanding that you worked with Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf) on these tracks. How did that experience push the band to grow as musicians?

Scotty was amazing to work with. He was patient but firm and I don’t think the songs would be to the calibre they are if it weren’t for him. He fully understood what we were trying to achieve, and made us work to produce it. He definitely wouldn’t sugarcoat something if he didn’t think it was good enough.

Now that live music is beginning to make a return, how do you guys take the ferocity from the studio and present it on stage? What can we expect from ATLVS looking past the upcoming show?

I think we’ve all got a lot of pent up emotions from being locked up for so long. It’ll be nice to have an outlet again to get those hostile feelings out in a creative way. Working with Coach Steve (Cannatelli – Future Artist Development) has also really helped us lock in together from a punter’s perspective.

Any last thoughts for fans?

We can’t stress how grateful we are for the response we’ve had so far to ‘Nazareth’, and we hope that we can continue to put out songs that hit people both sonically and lyrically. We’ve got plenty of new tracks up our sleeves. More songs, more merch, more shows. We’ve been quiet long enough. It’s time to cause a ruckus. If you’re in Victoria your first chance to see will be December 10th for the single launch of Nazareth to finish the year off, tickets are available over at Oztix. Also, if you’re not in Victoria and want to check us out live, we’ve got East Coast + Adelaide tour dates starting February 18 with Alienist.

We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us, keep up the good work!

Interview by Adam Rice

ATLVS is Nathan Coff (vocalist), Matthew Borthwick (bass/vocals), Nick Clavarino (drummer), Nick Fitzgerald (guitarist) and Steve Ljiljak (guitarist)

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ATLVS ‘Nazareth’ Single Launch Show

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