ATLVS Reemerge with New Era & Frantic Single ‘Nazareth’

It’s been a turbulent year for ATLVS following the departure of unlcean vocalist Mitch James back in February, but the Melbourne boys are back and ready to roll with their next era which has arrived with heavy new single ‘Nazareth‘.

This one is all about those living among us with a god complex, thinking they’re better than the rest of us OR as the band put it so elegantly:

[Nazareth] speaks on how we are fed up with this behaviour.
It’s essentially a call out for those who think they can walk over people

With a new song, new motivation and purpose, we can’t wait to see what the boys do next…

ATLVS is Nathan Coff (vocalist), Matthew Borthwick (bass/vocals), Nick Clavarino (drummer), Nick Fitzgerald (guitarist) and Steve Ljiljak (guitarist)

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