Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos Teams Up With Nik Nocturnal For Chelsea Grin Cover

Will Ramos Nik Nocturnal Chelsea Grin Recreant Cover

Will Ramos is one of the most spoken about frontmen in deathcore at the moment, after joining Lorna Shore who debuted their new vocalist with defining single ‘To The Hellfire‘ which later featured on their three-track EP …And I Return To Nothingness (our review here). Fans who might’ve kept tabs on Ramos while waiting for a new Lorna Shore LP may have subscribed to his Patreon where he does a bunch of impressive vocal covers and run-throughs.

Ramos has dabbled in a number of awesome features lately too, including with Left To Suffer on ‘D.N.R.‘ alongside Ov Sulfer‘s Ricky Hoover, as well as Brand of Sacrifice‘s reinvented ‘Lifeblood‘ single. If you’re loving the Patreon content and all the other wonderful Ramos’ material, you’ll probably want to hear his collab with reaction YouTuber and guitarist Nik Nocturnal.

The two have gotten together to record a cover of Chelsea Grin‘s ‘Recreant‘, the original released back in 2008 on the deathcore outfit’s debut EP and then later re-recorded for their debut album Desolation of Eden in 2010. Nocturnal comments:

“I love a lot of early 2000’s Deathcore/Metalcore tracks, so I thought – why not give them a well-deserved facelift with the craziest demon noisemaker I know (Will Ramos) and a smashing modern mix/master (Ashtone Productions – Darko, Kingdom Of Giants, Spite) to bring new life to these classics bangers.”

Ramos adds:

“The Deathcore scene is coming back, and we wanted to bring some life to a classic that may have been forgotten.”

With a series of lineup changes over the years, our calculations tell us that the only remaining Chelsea Grin member who recorded the track is bassist David Flinn, and hopefully he’ll give his thoughts on the cover by Will and Nik; anyway let’s give ours.

The ‘Recreant‘ cover by two big names in the scene is here. Now, obviously any kind of cover that’s released over ten years after the original is going to sound crispy, but that’s not all that’s going on here. Ramos delivers a polished roar packed with demonic thunder across the anthemic deathcore track, with those career defining riffs delivered by Nocturnal. The ‘To The Hellfire‘ pig squeals make another appearance and will have you pulling a huge stank-face from front to back.

And they’ve promised us more revitalised deathcore classics coming soon!

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Will Ramos & Nik Nocturnal – ‘Recreant‘ (Cover) here

Will Ramos Nik Nocturnal Chelsea Grin Recreant Cover Review

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