Left to Suffer Start Pandemonium With ‘D.N.R.’ Featuring Both Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos + Ov Sulfur’s Ricky Hoover

Left to Suffer - Fixated Review

Deathcore is vibing hard in 2021, particularly the last quarter of the year. Formed in Atlanta, USA, Left to Suffer have been a sling-shot in the heavy scene over the past couple of years. Notably, the band’s EP On Death from earlier in the year was absolutely mind-blowing, and included tracks like ‘Anger‘ which tore us into smithereens. Oh and, the band also followed up the EP with a freakin’ audiobook based on the On Death lyrics/themes. Check that one out for something different (spotify and apple music).

Left to Suffer are not letting us get through the year without some new music, so they’ve released a track that’s packed with a bunch (or two). ‘D.N.R.’ features Lorna Shore‘s brand new vocalist Will Ramos who has became the superman of deathcore after the band’s debut single ‘To The Hellfire’ from the band’s three-track return EP …And I Return to Nothingness (our review here). If that’s not enough of a feature for you, Left to Suffer‘s new jam also includes vocalist Ricky Hoover of deathcore outfit Ov Sulfur who released their debut EP Oblivion a couple of months ago.

Enough muscle in ‘D.N.R.’ for you? Are you bloody ready for this one? Get ready for three-minutes of hell. Ominous for ten seconds only, frontman Taylor Barber belches “let’s get this straight” as the rest of Left to Suffer click ‘start’ on the pandemonium. The track’s filled with grooves, but it’s also packed with disgusting breakdowns that’ll have you breathing into a paper-bag. Two-minutes in we hear Ramos spit his demonic squeal interchangeably with Barber and the guitars screech to the down-tuned bass and has you sweating with shock. Hoover adds even more carnage to the D.N.R. creating a hellish bloodbath in your ears. When you finish this, start it again. Regardless of the track title’s orders, you’ll need resuscitation after the brutality this one ensues.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Left to Suffer – ‘D.N.R.’ ft. Will Ramos + Ricky Hoover below

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