Lorna Shore Unleash Menacing Single ‘To the Hellfire’

Lorna Shore

Overnight deathcore aficionados Lorna Shore have dropped menacing single ‘To the Hellfire’ for some brutal #NewMusicFriday goodness. We’ve all been waiting for this, and we’re also eagerly anticipating the official announcement of the band’s new vocalist, after facing some serious turmoil post-release of their latest LP, but we’re looking ahead from here on in.

Fans were almost certain and proven correct that the new Lorna Shore vocalist is Will Ramos (former vocalist for Secrets Don’t Sleep and A Wake In Providence) who spent some time with the band last year too. The band have also announced the release of their upcoming EP …And I Return To Nothingness coming out on August 13. New vocalist, new album, but let’s appreciate the triumphant return of the band with their wonderful new deathcore song too.

To the Hellfire‘ starts with a a soft hymn-like intro, and then the riffs deepen as the screeching vocals enter. Dramatic and operatic sounds build and and the band boils down into the depths of bassy chaos. the second minute of the track is pure death metal, until it breaks down into ear-drum bursting goodness. The exhale vocal effort is incredible and the band’s signature operatic sound perpetuates across the single, and delivers beyond expectations of what the fans had built. The last minute of the song zero-in on breakdowns and they’re chronically good, people would break limbs in a mosh pit to this part of the track, holy hell. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (rickysaul90)

Check out Lorna Shore‘s brand new single ‘To the Hellfire’ below and pre-order …And I Return To Nothingness through Century Media Records here.

Lorna Shore - ...And I Return to Nothingness

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