KoRn Announce New Record Requiem with Leading Track ‘Start The Healing’

KoRn Forgotten Review

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week for diehard KoRn fans who have been solving all of the virtual Rubix Cubes that the band have put them through with their various teases (read the full run-down here). From posters and billboards with QR codes, to Instagram filters and subreddit collaborations, many guessed that the term ‘Requiem’ was the desired solution for the KoRn the puzzle.

Since then, r/KoRn have heard more and more snippets as they’ve dedicated time to the YouTube links etc. and some claim to have even heard a brand new song in full, which since disappeared. Alas, the time has come where you’ll get to hear it in full too. 

With an infinite scratchy YouTube video cycling for the past couple of days teasing “11/11”, the nu-metal pioneers have unleashed brand new track ‘Requiem’ only a week after their brothers in Slipknot did the same thing with ‘The Chapeltown Rag, and two weeks after Limp Bizkit released Still Sucks. Seems like that nu-metal revival anticipated in the lead-up to KoRn‘s release is very real; Disturbed, your move.

The Freaks are well and truly off their leashes, and have not only dropped their first single ‘Start The Healing’ in two years since The Nothing (our review here), but they’ve also announced their fourteenth studio album Requiem coming out on February 4, 2022 via Loma Vista Recordings. Accompanying the new track is an exhilarating new visual that marks the beginning of this new era for the band.

Video director Tim Saccenti shares:

“Our idea for this video was to mutate that aspect of the DNA of Korn, of what makes them so inspiring, their mix of raw power and transportive aesthetics and human emotion. I wanted to take the viewer on an emotional journey, as the song does, a visceral, cathartic death and rebirth that will hopefully help transport the listener through whatever their personal struggles are.

Collaborating with 3-D artist Anthony Ciannamea we tapped into Korn’s mythology and explored their vast well of light and darkness to create a surreal, liminal-pace body-horror nightmare.”

The new LP will mark KoRn‘s fourteenth studio album and will likely see the band hit the world touring circuit once again. So, what are your initial thoughts on ‘Start The Healing‘?  

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)  

Stream ‘Start The Healing’ here
Pre-order Requiem here

Korn - Requiem album

KoRnRequiem tracklisting:

1. Forgotten
2. Let the Dark Do the Rest
3. Start The Healing
4. Lost in the Grandeur
5. Disconnect
6. Hopeless and Beaten
7. Penance to Sorrow
8. My Confession
9. Worst Is On Its Way

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