Cheer Up Emo Kid… Matt Cutshall Is Proving The Genre Is Far From Dead In The BEST Way!

Everyone had an emo phase… Don’t deny it, there are photos to prove it!

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*cough cough*

And deeeeep down inside of us, that poor little, non-conforming emo kid who needs cheering up is just waiting for the day they can burst out from your ribcage, side part their hair, don some eyeliner and spill their heart for you!

Well, YouTuber Matt Cutshall is doing a pretty bang up job of bringing emo back (now that COVID stole MCR from us again) with his hilarious series of videos which throwback to bands from well over a decade ago when you were swooning over Pete Wentz/Fall Out Boy, crying your eyes out to Hawthorne Heights and thinking The Used were the heaviest act you could ever listen to on your iPod!

Firstly came his felt emo again might delete series which depicts him turning into his emo alter-ego and belting out numbers from bands like 30 Seconds To Mars, Asking Alexandria, Secondhand Serenade (just to name a few) to his not so overly keen girlfriend… As the videos gained in popularity, so did the cameos and arguably the best in the series was when Dashboard Confessional‘s Chris Carrabba appeared out of nowhere, giving Matt the ultimate piece of advice, to start his own emo band called…

Your Broken Hero!

And at the start of December, Matt released an original song called ‘A Letter To Ashley‘, under the guise of Your Broken Hero which is a fucking emo belter, guaranteed to get you moving (in more ways than one) with plenty of throwbacks and easter eggs for fans to spot throughout the video! – It’s even got some of the original bands commenting on how good his attention to detail is – But the best thing of all is that if this song was put in an emo playlist, would NOT seem out of place!

It harks back in fine form to that era and breathes new life into what was once a dying genre (or from a less dramatic viewpoint, one that was lacking a little love of late). So dust off your skinny jeans, grab your sister’s hair straighter and go raid the eyeliner in the back of your drawer because emo is very much alive and making a comeback!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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