Matt Cutshall’s Your Broken Hero Dropped A New Banger with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

What Steel Panther did for metal, Your Broken Hero does for emo!

YouTuber Matt Cutshall has created a movement to rbing emo back and he’s absolutely killing it with his parody videos featuring songs and cameos from some of the scenes biggest and best bands from the Rawrrr Phase in your life and his story arcs for felt emo again have generated millions of views for fans wnating to relive the glory days – and now, he’s started his own emo/screamo band called Your Broken Hero to fill the void in your black hearted emo life!

His first release ‘A Letter To Ashley‘ was such a killer tune- so much so it stayed in my Top 5 Songs on Spotify for weeks. I was so impressed with how he brought the emo sound back without fail and tipped hte hat to bands of yesteryear! Now he’s returned and added a bit of screamo to the band’s latest single ‘Tommy’s Face‘.

Featuring unclean vocals from Underoath‘s Spencer Chamberlain, this song tells the story of a boy, who’s ex has been seen smooching another guy called Tommy and the end result is a scene kid’s wet dream (or nightmare) combining both addictive cleans and the angry, angsty screams throughout – while he questions why? Whyyyyyy????? :’)

Watch the video then keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for an album form these emo-revivalists!

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