Jesse Crofts – Windwaker ‘The Rise of an Empire’

Windwaker have been working bloody hard to get where they are now, so its no surprise that there is huge hype around the release of their new Empire EP which comes out tomorrow. Hot off the back of their stellar performance at Download Festival Melbourne (our extensive coverage here) we spoke to guitarist Jesse Crofts discuss what’s next for the unstoppable force that is Windwaker.

Firstly, I want to ask about Download Festival. What was it like to win the Triple J Unearthed competition and perform in front of such a larger audience than what you are used to?

This was amazing for several reasons! obviously Download Festival is huge, so it was great to have such a big turnout for our early slot right at the start of the day. It was unreal to be able to share the stage with some big names in heavy music. We have to give a shout out to the guys at Triple J unearthed for the unreal experience, we couldn’t be thankful enough!

On the topic of Triple J, your song ‘My Empire’ has been added to regular rotation on the nation-wide radio station. How does it feel to have your music heard by such a vast listenership?

We are all speechless! We didn’t expect the song to do that well, especially prior to the release of the EP. We keep an eye on what’s happening on Triple J religiously. It’s rare for an unsigned metal band to be getting that kind of attention, it just blew us away!

I was lucky enough to witness your set at Download Festival, I noticed you played some unreleased songs. How have you found your fans have responded to your new music in a live setting?

It’s been awesome, it’s a refreshing feeling to introduce a new song at a show. It was so rewarding watching the crowds mosh and dance to these songs they have never heard. It was such a good feeling to see something that we have been working so hard on pay off as we watch the crowd’s response.

The Empire EP is out this Friday, what direction have you guys taken on this one and what can fans expect?

The goal with this EP was to explore what we have already touched on. While we were in the writing process for this record we really incorporated all members of the band where the previous was mainly written by a few members of the band. This time we wanted everyone to have some contribution to it all and stepping it up in a musical aspect. Fans can expect a bit of everything on this EP, we have some softer songs which are electric-acoustic and we also have some of the heaviest songs we have ever written.

You guys have a few shows planned for the near future, your tour with The Brave starts this weekend and after that, you have a few regional shows booked. What else can fans expect from Windwaker this year?

This year our focus will be getting around the country to tour as much as we can. We are currently discussing the plans for our headline tour to support our EP which should be happening mid-year, after our regional tour with Reside which is happening in April. After that nothing is planned just yet, we always want to keep our options open and tour as much as possible.

One thing I have noticed on social media is that every time a record label announces that they will be signing a new artist the comment sections are flooded with fans hoping that it is Windwaker. Do you guys have any plans to become a signed band and going in that direction?

We have talked about it and right now we have all agreed we want to keep our options open for the meantime so we can see what offers we can get and choose what is most beneficial for us long term. I have seen all those comments myself and its incredible to see all our fans get around us so much, It’s crazy!

Interview by Adam Rice @Adam.Rice94

Empire EP is out tomorrow. Pre-Order here
Check out our review of the EP here

windwaker - empire ep

Windwaker – Empire EP tracklisting

1. Reject
2. The Sitch
3. Grey World
4. Colourless
5. Arrested
6. Empire

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