Like Moths To Flames Reappear With Heavy Return on ‘Predestination Paradox’

LMTF 2023

Is it time for another #YOTM? We’re talking Year of the Moth – it’s about that time when Like Moths To Flames start a tornado of fresh new music for our earholes; and it’s always top-notch quality.

To play it a bit of catch-up, the last we heard from the Ohio metalcore group was a couple of years ago on their 2021 EP Pure Like Porcelain, featuring singles like ‘Preservation of Hate‘ and ‘Views From Halfway Down‘. The release follows their 2020 LP No Eternity in Gold

The aforementioned album was superb and included some absolute bangers, however it’s going on three years since release, so we’re getting hungry for another drop. We’re hoping the wait might be over.

Like Moths To Flames have released a brand new track called ‘Predestination Paradox‘ via UNFD and it continues down the epically heavy path that was left on the 2021 EP. After about a minute’s intro, Chris Roetter relentlessly leans into his raspiest uncleans, with the rest of the band entering a display of comfort in this space of deep and dark grooves for the majority of the track. The signature Like Moths To Flames sounds are ever-present with a nod to fans’ appreciation for their heavier direction.

On the single Roetter comments:

“I think there are a lot of things that we all commit to, where we know how it will end. This song is meant to portray the experience of learning that almost everything has an inevitable expiration date. We never know how much time we are offered or how much time is left, yet we still immerse ourselves in these deep relationships.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Predestination Paradoxhere

LMTF Predestination Paradox

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