Like Moths To Flames Give Final Sneak Peek Of New EP With ‘Views From Halfway Down’

Like Moths To Flames

The year may be nearly out, but that’s not stopping the last batch of metalcore to potentially drop some of the biggest albums/EPs of the year. Like Moths To Flames released one of their heaviest tracks ‘Preservation of Hate’ as they announced upcoming EP Pure Like Porcelain coming out in just a week via UNFD. The five-track EP comes on the back of singles ‘Basilisk‘ and ‘Inherit the Tragedy earlier this year, not to mention their glorious LP No Eternity in Gold (our review here) from last year.

The Mozart of metalcore are giving one last sneak peek before you get the whole EP to yourself next week. Like Moths To Flames have released ‘Views From Halfway Down’. Vocalist Chris Roetter wrote the song about the struggles of battling addiction:

This song is the first time I’ve ever approached themes surrounding addiction. I think I tried to put myself in a place of morbid euphoria. Writing from a spot that felt like I was stuck between wanting to be better and wanting to remain in the state of mind of feeding whatever is driving the addiction. The view from halfway down is that time when you’re falling, where very little time passes but you see so much of your life passing by.”

The track steadily builds with the front-man’s cleans converting to a bellowing roar across screeching guitars and all. A groovy breakdown brings the band into complete utter carnage and proves they’re still on the train of writing their angriest music yet.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Like Moths To Flames - Pure Like Porcelain

Like Moths To Flames – Pure Like Porcelain EP tracklisting:

1. Ameliorate
2. Views From Halfway Down
3. The Preservation Of Hate
4. Gnashing Teeth
5. Do Not Resuscitate

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