One-Man Metal Band Chaos Awaits Unveils Debut Single ‘Hymen Thoroughfare’

chaos awaits band bm sanchez hymen thoroughfare

The mastermind behind one-man Gold Coast band, Chaos Awaits, has officially kicked off his metal project with the long-awaited release of a debut track.

Much like other singular-member bands we’ve covered in the past (Sugar Spine, Igloo Zoo), BM Sanchez is the everythingist for Chaos Awaits, who we first introduced you to with the launch of our Wall Of Sound TV series – Chaos Awaits was the guitarist and producer of our theme song – now you can wrap your ears around his first single ‘Hymen Thoroughfare‘.

In what can only be described as a combination of catchy lyrics, Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine inspired-riffs and an overall radio-rock-feel, this release gives us our first insights into the cyber-punk concept world of BM Sanchez, and takes the lead from his forthcoming debut album Destination: Sanchezscheduled for release in late 2023.

In his own words, Sanchez explains:

“Hymen Thoroughfare is the story of a man who finds himself being constantly seduced by beautiful women. However, destructive modern social narratives tell him that it is wrong to feel this way. It is wrong to want to have sex with beautiful women. They say that such desires are not hard-coded but merely products of an oppressive patriarchal social system designed by men to oppress women. Confused by all this, the man begs his muse to kill him, or risk losing her innocence to a beautiful human experience we can thank our existence for. Hymen Thoroughfare is the story of the seduction of innocence, and the innocence of seduction.”

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