PREMIERE: Sugar Spine Steps The F Up on ‘Throat Full of Ash’

Sugar Spine Throat Full of Ash

We were graced with an EP from Melbourne’s Sugar Spine, an experimental metalcore project by Josh Muncke. His debut EP Mirror Talk included sick tunes like ‘Gutter Paint‘ and ‘Pen Or Sword‘ featuring Born of OsirisNick Rossi.

Just a few months later, this passionate one-man-mastermind has cooked up a brand new single called ‘Throat Full of Ash‘ and we couldn’t be more stoked to share it with you. Alongside the track we pulled Mr. Muncke aside to learn all about it and find out what’s happening next.

You released your debut EP Mirror Talk back in April and now you’re about to share new single ‘Throat Full of Ash’. Firstly, what’s the journey been like for you between the EP and now this track?

I did! One of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Between the EP and this track, I’ve been moving around a lot, interstate and internationally, so I never feel truly settled, just distracted or in the middle of a challenge. Life definitely keeps me busy.

How was the reception to Mirror Talk?

I’m so damn proud to say it was almost unanimously positive. You legends rated it really well, and I received a tonne of praise from listeners, other music sites and good friends. Even my Dad and brother wear some of the merch I made, and that support meant everything. It was a huge risk producing and mixing it myself, and despite being perfect, it seemed to get the message across which I’m stoked on. Shout out to Ryan Wood at 105mm Studios for mastering it, and Irvan Yuda Pratama for making some killer artwork for the singles and the EP.

To say ‘Throat Full of Ash’ is a step-up could be understatement of the year, tell me about the track – what influenced it and what was your vision?

Thank you! I do feel like it’s a huge step-up, especially vocally. I really let myself go on this, and I feel like all my practice has paid off. It’s not an original idea, but the idea of mother nature lashing out and erasing us was something I had on my mind a lot during the middle of the year. Almost like that movie The Day After Tomorrow, just total destruction after we have just been essentially exploiting and assaulting the Earth with reckless abandon.

I definitely don’t have climate anxiety, but thinking about the less under-privileged, suffering and being displaced because of global conglomerates’ greed makes me nauseous, and this track was the result.

Sugar Spine

Has there been music coming out this year that influenced this new heavier Sugar Spine direction? 

Honestly, not really! I don’t go looking for influences when writing, but I’m definitely subconsciously influenced by a lot of bands and tracks. The main idea swirling around my head for this track wasn’t a sound, but a feeling, and luckily I figured out how to manifest that feeling. Slipknot and Bleed From Within come to my mind when I think of what the track sounds like, but it’s really hard for me to put a finger on it.

Will the new single be a standalone or sit on an upcoming release?

This is just a single, but there is already more material ready. On this track I worked with Sebastian Sendon, an incredible mixer who trained underneath the legendary Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood, and after he sent the first mix of Throat Full of Ash to me, I told him the next EP is his to play with.

When can we expect our next Sugar Spine dose?

I want to say mid 2023, but we’ll see. The new stuff is insanely heavy, but honestly it’s taking a toll on me to write. The subject matter is considerably more personal than my previous material, and it’s draining the hell out of me.

With the discography growing, can we expect a tour in any capacity?

I’m still playing it really safe with this. I haven’t found a full group to perform live yet, mostly because of my geographical impermanence, but I am actively seeking out people. I promise, you’ll be the first to know.

Any final words for fans on ‘Throat Full of Ash’? 

Oh man, I just really hope people enjoy it. I’m so proud of the track, and you can expect that Sugar Spine is only going to get louder, more angry, and more hungry to be a name people are familiar with. 

Interview by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Sugar Spine‘s ‘Throat Full of Ash’ single is out November 4

Stream it here

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